5 Jobs to Break Into the Logistics Industry

5 Jobs to Break Into the Logistics Industry

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In the U.S, there are around 475,084 people currently working in the logistics industry, which highlights its popularity. 

Working in a logistics role has many perks such as having excellent job security, the freedom to work in a range of environments, and pursuing a fulfilling career. But the choice can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with the industry. Luckily, once you know the basics, it’s easier to find a role best suited for you.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five great roles in the logistics industry. 

1. Transport 

An important aspect of the logistics industry is inbound transportation. This is a key part of supply chain management as you move goods from the supplier to a company. If you’re interested, look into getting a trucking job and the CDL benefits that come with it.  

2. Purchasing Manager 

Many logistics jobs need a purchasing manager to gather raw materials.

In the role, you must also organize orders, sign contracts, and maintain a great working relationship with the supplier. You must also have good communication with those in the warehouse and inventory managers, so it’s a seamless process.  

Or, if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, look into logistic and freight consultant roles. Unlike other roles, you work with a client and figure out any problems that could affect the supply chain. Because of this, you must have excellent project management skills as you’ll be in charge of different departments.   

3. Customer Service 

A successful logistics strategy leverages their stellar customer support to stand out.

Employees in customer support act between the logistics team and customers, so it’s important to learn the business inside out so you can offer callers clear advice. A bonus is you can eventually be promoted to a role in logistics management once you’ve shown initiative and passion for the industry.  

4. Fleet Management 

It’s no surprise that the freight industry would collapse without employees working in fleet management. This is where you oversee commercial motor vehicles, ships, and even aviation machinery. Your goal is to conduct vehicle maintenance, conduct risk assessments to prevent accidents, and ensure your team is productive.   

5. Inventory Management 

Inventory management is an important part of the supply chain because if you’re lacking supplies, it’s impossible to turn a profit. People in this role must regularly track the goods, figure out when to order more, and where to store the items. Having strong attention to detail is key because if the figures aren’t correct, it could affect the entire supply chain.  

Join the Logistics Industry Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll get a role in the logistics industry. 

There are many great positions to consider, such as working with inventory management, becoming a purchasing manager, or joining the customer support team. You could also oversee a commercial fleet or transport the goods yourself. Good luck with your new venture! 

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