All You Need To Know About Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions Season 3

All you need to know about Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions Season 3

Introduction to Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions

A light novel series by the same name by Torako inspired Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions, an anime adaptation. In Japan, the first season aired in October 2012, followed by season 2. There were twelve episodes in total for the second season. Netflix released seasons 1 and 2 in both subbed and dubbed formats, with the subbed version starting in February 2015.

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What is the central theme of the story?

Yuta Togashi is the central character of Love Chunibyo And Other Delusions; he is a self-acclaimed “chunibyo,” or a person with delusions of grandeur. His delusions of dark powers are nothing more than delusional fantasies to cope with his inferiority complex. His delusions dull as he enters a high school where he meets the first person who can see through his pretenses, Rikka Takanashi. Together, they embark on an adventure of making friends while at the same time growing closer together as they help each other grow out of their own respective delusions.

Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Netflix Trailer

Season 1 of Love Chunibyo introduces five main characters, which include;

  1. Yuta Togashi
  2. Rikka Takanashi
  3. Shinka Nibutani
  4. Kumin Tsuyuri
  5. Sanae Dekomori

Twenty-two episodes were aired from October 2012 till March 2013, with an extra OVA episode being released in April 2014 as a bonus. The first season primarily focused on the interactions between Yuta and Rikka. His delusions about being an immortal dark wizard were slowly put to rest as he got to know her better. At the same time, Shinka Nibutani starts dating Yuta’s older brother, which causes friction, especially because she was previously in love with him. As a result, there is some tension among the characters. 

Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions Season 2

Season 2 of Love Chunibyo did not reveal much about what might happen next, except for some glimpses from within episodes. However, the main focus of this season is Rikka’s past and how she became delusional about magic when she was younger. There are also only slight references to Yuta and Rikka in terms of romantic developments, so we can expect more in Love Chunibyo Season 3 if there is one.

In the season 2 finale, titled “Love Is Blind – Confession Executive Committee,” Yuta declares his love for Rikka. She responds by saying that she doesn’t feel the same way. She then leaves him behind, but he catches up with her and confesses that she doesn’t romantically like him. He will always be by her side as her friend. The last scene of the episode shows them both walking off into the distance while holding hands. It could mean they could finally become canon in one way or another if Love Chunibyo Season 3 were to happen.

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Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions Season 3

After the release of season 2 in 2014, fans have been waiting for a year. Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions creators announced they would produce another season. However, there has been no official release date since then. With regards to this, Anime News Network notes: “While Kyoto Animation hasn’t officially confirmed the third season will happen, they’re already creating key art.

During season 2, it is revealed that Yuta has another delusion: the belief that Rikka loves him back despite his former delusions. By the end of season 2, but she does not reciprocate his feelings. Although they are still friends with benefits, there are no romantic developments between them in the second season. So it is unclear whether fans will get a Love Chunibyo Season 3 or if they will remain just good friends forever.

Love Chunibyo And Other Delusions Season 3 Cast

There will undoubtedly be main characters returning in Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions Season 3, such as Yuta Togashi (played by Miyu Tomita), Rikka Takanashi (played by Maaya Uchida), and Sanae Dekomori (played by Sumire Uesaka). More cast members are yet to be confirmed.

Love Chunibyo And Other Delusions Season 3 Plot

It is not yet known what the plot of Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions Season 3 would entail. However, given how deeply rooted the characters are in their delusions of grandeur. It would be interesting to see where they take this next season. There has not been an official plot release yet, but there are rumors that the time between seasons 2 and 3 will be longer than usual due to Uta’s declaration of love for Rikka at the end of season 2.

Love Chunibyo And Other Delusions Season 3 Trailer

Since the third season has no official release date, there is currently no trailer for it either. As of now, there was no official announcement for Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions Season 3 release date; but now some announcements can be seen about this season, as you know that it will be coming out eventually. As previously mentioned by Anime News Network, Kyoto Animation has already created vital art and other materials.

Release date of Love Chunibyo And Other Delusions Season 3

Fans are very curious about the upcoming season of Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions Season 3. The season 3 of the anime is not renewed yet, and there are many updates that won’t come again. The new update about the anime series is that more information will not come about season 3 at the end of 2022.