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Last Updated on May 28, 2022 by azamqasim

We like to promote good office design and good work practices but there are some aspects which can be classed as “fails”. If you didn’t know, how you chose to design your office can make a difference to how the office performs and acts.

To get the design right, you need to get the voices of those who use the space on a daily basis. What do they like, dislike and what kind of space would make them happy. Whilst you can’t adopt all ideas, it’s beneficial to get a feel for the office consensus.

Creating the wrong type of workspace can have a negative effect of the team and the quality of work produced. It’s in your best interest to listen to those around you and consider your options.

Avoiding Acoustics

If there’s one thing that can be a distraction, it’s excessive noise. However, in a busy, hardworking space, noise is a good sign and shows good conversation is happening.

There must be a middle ground and we don’t believe acoustics should be overlooked, in fact, it’s a big priority providing a comfortable working space for all employees. Avoiding the noise issues can prove ineffective on productivity and make it more difficult for peak motivation levels.

The key to getting office acoustics right is finding the perfect balance for the available space. It’s not unusual that one workspace doesn’t fit all, the trick is to design a multi functional workspace.

There are several ways acoustics can be added to the office and help reduce the noise, without shutting out the whole office. The considerations are acoustic freestanding screens, acoustic desktop divider and wall panels.

Prioritizing Style

Modern style and giving an office a revamp is an effective move, but is it comfortable?

We spend long hours at work, with more time away from home than we’d like to think about, the office space should at least be easy and comfortable to work in.

Creating a modern look with fancy chairs and unique styling is all well and good but if the comfort isn’t there, then it’s not the right option.

Don’t be swayed by the design as the main focus. Tie the comfort and styling together as one to get the appropriate desk, chairs and accessories for the office space.

Floor Space Usage

Working close to someone else seems a thing of the past, especially with the COVID-19 breakout. However, this aside, an overcrowded workspace is unproductive and makes for an incredible difficult space to work in.

The ideal office space would provide plenty of desk and storage space. It’s important to have personal working space, even if at the end of the day you have to hot desk. Spacious working is to limit noise and give the employees space to breath and work without added pressure.

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