A Wedding with Oriental Style That Is a Sight To Behold

A Wedding with Oriental Style That Is a Sight To Behold
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Are you tired of seeing the same themes, flowers, and stage decorations at weddings? So, here’s to a completely fresh perspective on a well-planned fantastic day, possibly the finest day of your life!

Have you ever considered having a wedding in a unique, wild, and exotic location? Instead of a traditional church setting, how about a stunning wedding on a beach or a lawn? While some individuals prefer things to be simple, others go above and beyond to make their special occasions genuinely memorable. For example, an underwater wedding celebration or a hot air balloon wedding is definitely out of an ordinary concept. But, given that most Indians like to keep things simple rather than wild, how about a lovely outdoor lawn wedding with basic but unique themes and decorations?

Color themes, which ensure that the colors reflect the event’s mood, are some of the things to keep in mind when arranging a wedding, especially the decorations. The Asian motif, which centers on hues like red and black with accents of green and gold, is popular among Indians. Orchids to wildflowers that match the wedding theme are all options. Sarina’s is a leading Sydney florist that provides a diverse selection of flowers.

Weddings in the Japanese style

When planning an open lawn party, a Chinese/Japanese theme with contrasting hues like red and black, as previously said, is the ideal option. When planning the stage for the outdoor party, keep in mind that there should be adequate lighting, preferably warm lighting. Japanese paper lanterns with warm lights within are one of the greatest methods to make it a truly Oriental wedding. The lights can be fashioned out of gold and red butter paper and are simple to make at home. These magnificent lights might be suspended from poles wrapped in bright red and gold paper, creating a charming effect while also providing a contrast to the gentler shades of dusk.

The setting of the stage

In terms of stage design, an elevated platform covered in white and red orchids can serve as a podium. The bride and groom’s seats could be oriental hardwood chairs with ornately carved hand rests. The stage backdrop can be a crimson and gold theme with the bride and groom’s names written in Japanese characters. There might also be Chinese artwork on the screen; giving the scene a more lively and bright feel.

On the lawn, round tables with frilled tablecloths can be put up with matching chairs positioned around them. Little candle tapers encased in red and black butter paper can also be utilized as a table centerpiece.

It’s important to note that such gatherings should take place in the evening, especially between 6 and 9 p.m. This will help to establish the tone for a relaxing, tranquil oriental wedding.

Another key consideration when selecting decorations for an oriental wedding is that the flowers should be maintained fresh and the lights should provide a lovely glow, creating a romantic and serene ambiance. The decorations, particularly the tapers and paper lamps, should be new and fresh.

A dinner gathering

In terms of the menu, a buffet-style dinner with a traditional five-course meal, including dessert, would be excellent. To reduce misunderstanding among guests during dinner, buffet counters can be put up at vantage points in easily accessible and handy locations.

Soups and cocktail shrimp with oriental sauces can be served as appetizers. This can be followed by a variety of rice and noodle dishes, or a fusion of Indian and Chinese cuisine, ushering in a new era of flavors and tastes.

Finger bowls can be used as part of the table décor to provide an attractive touch to the party.

Japanese puddings and cakes can be served as dessert, with saki, a Japanese wine, as an accompaniment. A dedicated cocktail bar focusing on champagne and various types of wine could also be included.

A mocktail bar, catering to non-alcoholic beverages, could also be included, keeping the ladies in mind.

Another essential element is that the aisle might be a long red carpet with flowers strewn throughout it. The petals of lotuses would make an excellent carpet covering.

Apparel for weddings

The bride and groom should dress in such a way that the theme and flowers complement each other. The bride and groom do not have to dress in mandarin style, but for a traditional Oriental wedding with a sense of Indianism, the guy should wear a red Sherwani and the bride should wear a saree draped kimono manner. Of course, the most important thing is that the clothes match the surroundings.

So, if you’re planning an Oriental or Indian wedding, these ideas are the greatest bet for a truly thrilling exotic wedding.

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