Personal Injury Lawyer and When to Hire One

    Coping Up With Medical Bills After a Car Accident

    Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

    If you’ve been wondering whether to hire a personal injury attorney or not, chances are you were injured in an accident and did not know how to go about it. Accidents can be fatal, causing severe injuries and sometimes death. And they can occur anywhere, including working places or on roads. For example, according to the WHO (World Health Organization), around 1.35 million persons die annually due to automobile accidents.  And in the US alone, 38,000 die yearly due to car accidents.

     If you survive a fatal accident but develop severe injuries in the process, it’s critical that you immediately get in touch with a Toledo personal injury lawyer. They will protect you from exploitation by your insurance company and ensure that you get medical attention, among other things. Let’s look at reasons for involving a personal injury lawyer;

    When to Engage a Personal Injury Attorney

    If you develop Permanent/partial disability or Sustained Severe Injuries

    If you sustained severe injuries after getting involved in an accident, you’d need a personal injury lawyer. Such a situation causes suffering, accumulating hospital bills, and emotional suffering. Shouldering all this burden alone can be overwhelming. It’s advisable to get in touch with a personal injury attorney. Also, if you develop a disability, you may experience financial stress because you may never resume your job. But a personal injury attorney can ease the pain and the stress.

    You Do Not Know Who’s at Fault

    Various factors can trigger accidents. And you may not be sure who exactly was at fault. Keep in mind that accidents that occur due to the recklessness of other people should be compensated. But if you don’t know who is wrong, the other person’s insurance company will do all they can to blame you. And if you don’t have the support of a personal injury lawyer, you may end up paying for the damages alongside bearing the pain of nursing injuries.

    Furthermore, you’ll have serious financial issues to deal with. A personal injury attorney is skilled enough. So they’ll get to the root of the problem to identify the culprit, especially where multiple are part of the equation. The goal is to ensure you get compensated for the damages caused.

    You Have Troubles with the Insurance Company

    Insurance companies strive to pay the least amount possible to clients who turn to them seeking compensation. And they are aware that most people are not conversant with complex laws. So, they take advantage of this fact so that things work out in their favor. In the process, you’ll be denied your legitimate injury claim or given meager compensation.

    Furthermore, some insurance companies can delay your claim so that you give up. And your medical bills will keep accruing. All this pressure may force you to accept their offers regardless of the amount. However, with a personal injury attorney in the picture, they’ll pressure your insurance company to process your claim and offer you fair compensation.

    A Personal Injury Attorney is Paid after Settling Your Case

    With your current financial constraints, the idea of hiring a personal injury attorney may sound ridiculous. But no need to worry an attorney is only paid if they are successful in representing your case. After you get your compensation, you get paid. The compensation may come through an out-of-court settlement or from what the judge awards you if your case gets to the court.  Remember that a personal injury lawyer has your interest at heart, so engaging them is crucial.