Truck accident lawsuits and everything about it

Truck accident lawsuits

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Road accidents result in some of the most fatal injuries and are among the primary causes of death and disability. Every year, thousands of people are involved in road accidents. These accidents become even more serious when they involve heavy vehicles like commercial trucks and big haulers. Being in such an accident can be a distressing experience and exhausting to deal with the truck accident lawsuits.

Because of the disparity in the huge size and weight, truck accidents lead to fatal injuries. Handling the consequences of a truck accident can be a daunting process. In the contrast to the typical car crashes, truck accidents are more complex and can result in life-threatening injuries. In this case, it’s essential to contact the truck accident lawyer as with the help of experts, you will get enough settlement to pay all your medical bills, cover your losses associated with the accident. Here’ what you need to know about truck accident lawsuits and how to represent your interests

Accident investigations and case building

Like any other lawsuit, gathering evidence, recording event timelines and investigating the stories is a critical part. Investigators for different parties, be it the ones involved in the accident, insurance companies or law enforcement officials conduct a thorough investigation.

Experts get witness statements, record vehicle and personnel damages, skid marks, road conditions, truck load, impact study and more. Experienced accident attorneys at Naqvi Injury Law work along with investigators to create elaborate accident reports and try to recreate the accident events.

Liabilities and accountability

Any lawsuit intends to identify and prove who is responsible for the accident and who should be compensated for the damages. In the case of truck accidents, there are various aspects in play and accident liability can vary from the driver to the shipper who is transporting the goods.

Usually, the trucking company is liable for the accidents on grounds like their driver was negligent, poor vehicle maintenance, equipment failure and/or driver fatigue. Additionally, if the accident was caused because of the cargo, insecure loading of the cargo, negligent loading etc., the loading company or the shipper can be held accountable for the damages.

Therefore, the laws and complexities around the transportation laws, insurance and truck accidents are quite extensive and you need an experienced attorney to understand these.

Comparative fault

Many states in the United States follow a comparative negligence and fault policy for compensation. This means that based on the degree of responsibility you share in the accident, you would be entitled to a reduced percentage of the compensation. The degree of fault is influenced by similar factors as the ones used to hold the trucker liable.

Compensations and claims

The transport laws and road accident regulations are quite strict for commercial transports compared to other motor vehicles. And in case of truck accidents, the damaged party can be eligible for significant compensation for their damages.

The compensation can account for medical expenses, loss of life and property, lost wages, suffering and punitive damages.

However, all compensation and claims are subject to assessments and investigation by the experts.

If you or someone you know has been in an accident, there is already too much to deal with. And dealing with the authorities and fighting the claims is the last thing you would want. Get in touch with an expert personal injury truck accident attorney who can represent your interests in court. Their experience and understanding of the law can give you the best fighting chance at holding the opposing party responsible for your damages. 

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