4 Pool Cleaning Tips for Autumn

4 Pool Cleaning Tips for Autumn

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Swimming is the fourth most popular sport in the US. Owning a swimming pool offers the opportunity to enjoy swimming and other benefits every day. But it does not come without responsibility, especially when the fall arrives.

If you do not stay on top of fall pool cleaning, you may be in for a few costly surprises when summer arrives. Less use, more rain, and reduced sunlight mean you need to pay attention to your pool maintenance more than ever.

Winter is coming, after all, so fall is the best time to get your pool in the best condition to face it. Here are four fall pool maintenance tips to get it ready.

1. Complete Routine Tasks

Even if you are not using your pool as much, it is essential to keep on top of routine pool cleaning tasks. These include using a pool vacuum cleaner and cleaning the pool filter.

A clean pool filter keeps water free from hairs, oils, and other dirt. A pool vacuum cleaner can also effectively clean your pool, which reduces the work you need to do. You can also buy an above-ground pool cleaner to help make cleaning tasks easier if you need.

Do not slack on these tasks, as otherwise, dirt can lead to bacteria growth and pool damage.

2. Remove Leaves

Most trees need to shed their leaves in the fall to survive. And for your pool quality to survive, you need to remove the leaves. Use a rake or a leaf skimmer to catch leaves before they sink in your pool.

Leaves can lead to algae growth and other issues in your pool. For example, it could stain your pool walls and floor.

3. Check the Chemistry

Usually, in the fall, you can adjust the chemical levels in your pool. There is less heat, sunlight, and use, so fewer chemicals are usually warranted. It is vital to check chemical levels because a pool with too many chemicals has hazards, just like a pool with too little.

Keep monitoring the pool pH and chemical levels as the fall temperatures descend. Adjust chemicals accordingly.

4. Hire Pool Cleaning Services

Pool cleaning in the fall requires more work to ensure everything is ready for winter. You do not want to miss pool cleaning tasks before unexpected cold weather arrives. One of the easiest ways to ensure your pool is prepared for winter is to hire pool cleaning services.

A pool cleaning service such as Aquapremierpools.com will take care of pool tasks. You can have peace of mind your pool is ready. And you can spend the extra time you would have spent on pool maintenance, enjoying your pool!

The Best Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaning is essential year-round, but fall is the time to take action with winter around the corner. Once you get into a routine each season, it will become a habit with plenty of benefits. You can find the best pool cleaner options to help or routinely use pool cleaning services.

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