How to Prepare Your Home from Summer Heat in Brisbane

How to Prepare Your Home from Summer Heat in Brisbane

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Summer in Australia ranges from humid to hot and dry. For lots of homeowners, the fluctuations from heat to cool happen seasonally, though there is some in-between. Temps in most of the cities are like this.

Speaking of which, expert air conditioning in Brisbane and elsewhere involves knowing how to adjust your interior space to match the current or soon-to-be-coming season. Summers inside are less muggy and prone to marked heat spells if you follow the guidelines described below. Try out the tips that you believe will help you better, or do them all at once.

Replace All of Your Thick Curtains for Something Thinner

When it’s cool, thick curtains act as a blocker of cold, helping to trap in the heat better while blocking out cold air close to the windows from traveling any further. Unfortunately, this also can lead to increased indoor temps in the summer. If you don’t keep your AC on all day and night, the time in between intervals could get hot very fast.

Thinner curtains work better when the heat cranks up, especially the bright variety. The brighter the colors are, the better they’ll reflect heat away from the windows. It’s the same as wearing a white t-shirt outside. But instead of a cooler body, your residence will heat up slower when the AC isn’t on.

Replace or Clean Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners don’t last forever. But it’s more the case for models built many years ago. Some people might be reluctant to change out an old AC. Sometimes, this could be for sentimental purposes above everything else. Nevertheless, replacing one now is a better time to do it than ever before. Ducted and split ACs are all over the place these days, lots of low kilowatt brands being found ready to order and install by online sellers.

Cleaning is another possible quick option. You can try and clean it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. The second choice is usually recommended since a specialist for ACs can detail it better than the average homeowner can. Either a new AC or a full-service cleanup job will have you set to take on the hot summer without breaking a sweat, at least when you’re inside.

Get Service Done to Your AC

An AC service technician will check your AC for indications of damage, informing you of the quality around the ducks, radiator wear, and cooling power. An AC that’s outlived its age could add more kilowatts, ending in you spending more on your electric payments every month. AC Service is usually fast. But if there are major issues discovered, it might be time for you to consider a replacement.

Tidy Up the Place

Having lots of clutter around can trap heat at rates comparable to ten people having just finished running a marathon standing in a ventless room together. Let some of what you don’t need go. For mild hoarders, clean out the garage to make way for the additional things you’re moving from inside. The space saved can help your AC circulate air around your home better.

You want a home that’s cool when you step into it on those hot and muggy days of the summer. Take note of all tips given and you’ll never feel the discomfort of heat when it’s toasty outside.