AC Troubleshooting: How to Fix Your Air Conditioner

AC Troubleshooting: How to Fix Your Air Conditioner

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Is your AC running constantly? Or, is it not running at all? Does it blow warm air instead of cold or make lots of loud, unusual noises?

If so, we can help. Below is a complete guide that explains how to fix an air conditioner.

First, we’ll list the common problems you may be experiencing. Then, if there’s a DIY solution for it, we’ll walk you through how to do it.

You should know, though, that not all AC problems can be fixed this way. As such, this guide also explains when you must call for professional help. Learn how to fix your broken air conditioner by reading this guide.

1. Try the Top 2 DIY Fixes

Almost all AC problems are caused by the same 2 DIY maintenance issues. First, change your air filter. If the air filter is clogged, it causes performance issues and can eventually break your AC.

Secondly, your issue could be a thermostat problem. For instance:

  • The thermostat is set incorrectly
  • It’s malfunctioning
  • People in your house keep messing with it behind your back

So, test every function of your thermostat. Make sure it’s working correctly and then program it appropriately. Then, interrogate your household to make see if their meddling is to blame for your supposed AC performance issues.

2. Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

If your AC doesn’t turn on at all, and you’ve ruled out the thermostat, check your circuit breaker. Make sure all switches are “on” and try your AC again.

If it still doesn’t come on, or it comes on and then shuts off right away, call professional air conditioning repair. It might be an electrical issue or, otherwise, a full AC breakdown.

3. No Airflow

Are you still getting weak airflow after replacing your air filter? Check the AC fan (outside) to see if anything’s blocking the fan blade.

Shut the system off and remove any blockages you see. Also, lubricate the fan. If none of this works, call a professional.

4. Air Conditioner Not Cooling

For this issue, check the outdoor AC unit for signs of ice buildup. Clear away any ice by running the fan without the AC. (Note: this takes a while.)

If icing isn’t the problem, call a professional HVAC service. It’s probably a compressor failure or refrigerant problem.

5. Leaking Air Conditioner

Are there puddles around your AC? Shut it off and call an emergency HVAC repair company immediately. This could indicate a highly toxic refrigerant leak.

6. Air Conditioner Smells

Does your AC smell nasty? There’s really no DIY solution for this so just call it in.

7. Air Conditioner Noises

There are two solutions for strange, loud AC noises. One: troubleshoot your AC using all the above steps on this list. Two: call a professional repairperson.

Keep This Guide on How to Fix an Air Conditioner

Keep this page bookmarked so you don’t forget these important tips. And use the steps above to fix your broken AC. Lastly, please share this guide with anyone you know who’s wondering how to fix an air conditioner.

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