Portable Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips to Get The Most Out of It

Portable Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips to Get The Most Out of It

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Like any other home appliance, the portable air conditioner also demands extra care from the first day. From typical cleaning to regular maintenance, it necessitates everything that further ensures it is working to its fullest potential. Factors like its spot, installation procedure, how often you use it, and how you maintain it makes you eligible for getting the most out of it.

So, how do you make it work at its best? 

Here are tips you can keep in practice to increase its performance, durability, and overall cooling capacity. 

Let’s begin!

#TIP 1 – Choose the Right Spot for Your Portable AC

Obvious to mention, it should be near a window so you can use the drain hose well. But generally, the drain hose is 150 centimeters long, and for that, a sliding or a tilted window works better rather than a sloping roof window with a hinge.

This kind of window comprises an opening through which warm air enters, which basically affects the cooling capacity. Also, consider that there should be nothing on top of the appliance as items on top of it decline the air circulation.

Besides, while placing the air conditioner, one of the fundamental aspects you need to consider is that it should be 30 to 40 centimeters away from the wall. Let’s discuss it in detail, or you can also ask your Portable AC Rental supplier for the same while choosing the unit!

#TIP 2 – Spacing Between Walls

What makes such an AC best is that they are portable; hence, they give you quite a bit of flexibility while choosing the location to install. 

Still, it is important to choose a spot to install it wisely. As mentioned above, one vital point to consider is leaving enough space within the wall and the unit. Not doing so can hinder the airflow. As a result, your unit’s output is reduced as it fails to draw enough air while in use. And decreased output makes it more troublesome for your air conditioner to chill up the place to the desired temperature.

To determine what amount of distance is appropriate, you can either refer to the user manual that comes along with the unit or simply approach the Air Scrubber Rental and Portable AC rental supplier from whom you purchased it.

#TIP 3 – Start a Few Hours Early for Best Results

AC takes a little time to make your place cooler than you expect. Hence it’s more productive to turn it on a few hours prior. The recommended interval to switch on the unit is either during the early morning or late afternoon hours. As the temperature remains cooler these times, the unit doesn’t have to put extra effort to cool the place down. You can also choose portable air conditioners with a timer feature that you can program to turn on/off when you want.

For example, using the programmable timer, you can turn it on when you are about to reach home from work, and by the time you get home, your home will be cool.

You can also ask your supplier which unit will be suitable for you based on your needs.

#TIP 4 – Keep the Air Pipes all Clear

When it comes to the efficiency of the unit, it totally relies on intake and outtake pipes. Ensure the pipes are free of blockages. It’s also worth double-checking that the air intake isn’t above another vent that may also have hot air coming out of it and traveling into the unit!

#TIP 5 – Cover Windows with Curtains or Blinds

According to the Department of Energy (DOE) studies, around 76% of the sunlight that hits the windows converts into heat. That means in order to keep the ambient temperature below, covering your windows with blinds is an ideal way. It even saves your AC unit from making an additional effort, and your place will get to that precise temperature quickly.

It is recommended to choose insulated blackout curtains for best results. Draperies can be hung close to windows to lessen the heat.

#TIP 6 – Regular Maintenance is Must

You might notice a slight fall in performance, but you might end up ignoring it as it is human nature. But never make this mistake, as your small ignorance can turn into a blunder. For instance, a petty leak in the air conditioner is the same as a leak in a vehicle’s tire – you may not notice it right away, but pretty soon, it will cost you a lot.

Takeaway Thoughts

These tips are not all but vital ones that can improve your AC’s efficiency and extend its life while making it perform well longer than you expected. 

Choose the right portable AC and Heater Rentals supplier, who offers 24/7 customer service regardless of time, whenever you need them. This way, you can get issues resolved professionally and quickly (if any occur) and enjoy your unit at its best. 

Follow these maintenance tips to stay cool while saving money! 

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