Procedures for Purchasing Commercial Real Estate in Turkey

Procedures for Purchasing Commercial Real Estate in Turkey

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Commercial real estate is one of the most profitable property types to invest in. Investing in commercial properties in strategic locations throughout the city allows successful investors to increase their gains. Commercial real estate is fundamentally different from residential real estate’s such as flats or villas.

There are various steps to follow when purchasing a property that will be utilised as a business or office. If you are thinking about investing in commercial real estate, it is good to be familiar with the procedures.

As previously said, commercial property differs from other real estate types in several ways. You should review the title deed records of any commercial property you are considering purchasing before making a final decision. The property must not be listed as a residence in the deed because it violates the law.

You will not be able to use your property for commercial purposes until you do so. Additionally, suppose you are considering purchasing a property used for a bakery, patisserie, or café. In that case, you should research whether the property is acceptable for use in these industries.

As a result, if you do not learn of your eligibility, you will need to request permission from your landlords to make adjustments in this respect. There must be no legal restrictions or demolition judgments against the property you intend to purchase recorded in the Land Registry Office’s records at the time of purchase.

The architectural project of the building can be used to determine whether or not there are unlawfully constructed portions of the structure on the site. In addition, the building permit and the occupancy permits are among the things you should look into as well.

The payment of tax bills is another issue you should pay attention to. It would help if you made a debt inquiry to see whether or not the property you intend to purchase is subject to tax debt.

According to the title, electricity, natural gas, and water service contracts for the property must have been cancelled by the previous owner. So you check to make sure you don’t owe any money to your prior landlord, and then you begin paying your subscriptions.

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