9 Top Tips for Moving Back in With Parents While Saving

9 Top Tips for Moving Back in With Parents While Saving

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We spend our teenage years talking about how we want to get out of our parent’s homes. It’s all about being on our own and being completely independent. Sometimes we even rush out too soon to prove that we have our independence and we can stand on our own without them.

Moving in with your parents as an adult can be a difficult transition. Yet living with our parents can also provide us with the buffer we need for things like saving for a home.

If moving back in with parents is going to put you in a financially stable spot it’s something you need to do. Here are several tips and tricks to help you make that transition of being back under their roof as painless as possible.

1. Begin With a Meeting

Parents have a difficult time seeing their children as adults. For many, you’re still the child that they raised from diapers. This can make things difficult to transition into not being the children they need to discipline anymore.

Before you move into their home you may want to sit down first. Begin with a meeting where you can all state any worries that may be posed. A meeting will allow all parties to voice their concerns.

Make a list of any problems you think might arise and bring them up to your parents. Make it clear that you are an adult living under their roof.

2. Financial Contributions

Much of establishing yourself as an adult under their roof is paying for items yourself. In the time that you’ve moved out your parents have developed a new system that didn’t include you. A way to help them out and also for them to see you as an adult is to contribute.

Decide what funds you can allocate for bills. Helping them out will also give you a sense of independence. Work out what you can save and what you can contribute to things like the internet and electricity.

3. Open a Storage Facility for Your Items

By this point, you may have many more belongings than you did when you left your parent’s home. Look into your options with putting your items in storage. This will give you more space now that you’re in tiny corners.

When it comes to finding the facility that is right for your items and budget this service will help.

4. Help Out in the House

Don’t forget, you aren’t a guest in their home. You do have to contribute to keeping their home clean as well. Be sure to help out when it comes to the upkeep of the house.

For your parents to view you as an adult, you need to show them that you deserve their respect. Don’t leave your dishes everywhere, don’t make them chase you down to wash your clothes. You’re living in their home as their equal.

5. Keep a Goal of Leaving

Establishing a goal of when you want to be out of their home is key. You want to be able to remind yourself why you’re there and that it is not a permanent situation. As much as you love your parents it will help you to stay realistic.

Set yourself a goal of when you plan to be out of their home. Give yourself reasonable goals to achieve. Start with an organized plan for how you want to save your money.

6. Don’t Disrespect Their Rules

This isn’t like when you were a child under their roof. Living with your parents as an adult can be a challenge. They can’t ground you for doing things they don’t like.

It’s important to have an honest conversation when them regarding what behavior they don’t want under their roof. Both parties need to keep in mind that you’re all adults. These demands should be agreed to by everyone.

7. Keep Other People Informed

One of the areas you may want to visit before moving in is speaking with those who are important to you. Anyone you are romantically involved with may need to know that you are living with your parents. This will prevent any awkward conversations from taking place later on.

This discussion should be one where you explain your reasons for why. Let them know that you are saving to better your own future. This is also a chance for any serious relationships to form a bond with your parents.

8. Communication Is Key

Keep the lines of communication open with your parents. Let them know when you’re uncomfortable and be sure they can speak up when they are as well. This one one of the best ways to respect everyone’s comfort level.

What may help is if once a month you and your parents hold a meeting. This way you can discuss what is working and what isn’t. By doing this, you stay respectful of the issues that may arise.

You may be their child, but you are still a guest in your parent’s home.

9. Enjoy Your Time With Your Parents

This is a time for you all to bond again. Keep in mind that your parents are getting older. The time that you spend with them now will give you more moments to treasure.

Take time to enjoy who your parents are. Spend some time growing your relationships and knowing that they are always there when you need them. This will make the situation more enjoyable.

We only get so long with our parents. Soak every moment you are able to be with them.

Moving Back in With Parents Isn’t Always the First Choice

Sure, moving back in with parents isn’t always the choice we want to make as adults. It is the choice that has many benefits for both you and those who raised you. Take this advice and make this new change for the better.

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