5 Productivity and Organization Hacks for Software Developers

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According to statistics, 69 percent of Americans say that they waste time at work. Lost productivity can be especially problematic for software developers as it can lead to brutal project crunches further down the line. 

So how can you ensure that you keep your productivity up throughout the workday? This article lists some useful tips to help you stay focused. 

1. Get A Document Scanner

As a software developer, it’s unlikely that you want to deal with paper records. Unfortunately, there are still some organizations that will insist on sending you paper documents

When the time comes to consult these documents, you’ll likely forget they were in paper format, and you’ll go searching for them in your digital files. A document scanner allows you to instantly add paper documents to your archives. 

Most phones now include a document scanning feature if you need a quicker solution. 

2. Plan for Administrative Tasks

Just because you’re a software developer, it doesn’t mean that you should spend every waking hour coding. You’ll also need to complete administrative tasks. One mistake that many people make in software developer jobs is that they don’t account for the time it takes to do things like answering and writing emails. 

It makes sense to set aside time in the day for these tasks. This is especially important if you’re a self-employed developer. 

3. Keep to a Schedule

Chances are, as a software developer, you’re now working from home at least part-time. In this situation, it’s easy to fall into bad work habits. For example, you might end up procrastinating and having to pull all-nighters later in the week. 

You can avoid this scenario by creating a daily schedule and sticking with it. Having a daily schedule is a great way to keep your mind focused and preventing work from building up. 

4. Use at Least Two Screens

If you want to be productive, the more screens, the better, and this is especially true for software development. Whenever you’re coding, you’re never just looking at the code. You’re almost always referring to some other document or forum post. 

Constantly alt-tabbing between your code and other resources is a waste of time. It makes a lot more sense to simply have multiple screens depicting both things you want to look at.

5. Use a PDF Library

Have you ever wanted to store a HTML5, CSS, JavaScript project in its current state in an easy to recall format? You might consider using something like .net pdf library.

This is a great way to store your projects in a persistent and easy to recall format. It’s also a great way to show other people your work. 

These Tips Can Help Software Developers With Productivity

If you work in the field of custom software development, these tips can help you to make the most out of your workday. Software developers work in a highly competitive field, so finding ways to stay productive will help you get the edge over the competition. 

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