5 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Electric Bike for Your Next Purchase


Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Do you go out often but prefer to use your ride? Maybe you own a car but don’t want to go through traffic to get to your destination. Whatever the case, here are reasons why a specialized electric bike should be considered for your next purchase. 

Today, you’ll be reading about these types of bikes and a few reasons why getting an electric bike would be most beneficial to you.

Short Overview

What are they?

A scooter or an electric motorbike may come to mind if someone talks about an electric bicycle or E-bike. But when people hear the term “electric bicycle,” they might think of a scooter or an electric motorbike, but the two are completely distinct. 

Imagine your typical bicycle with many electrical components, such as a motor, batteries, and a controller, neatly implemented into its design. All electric bikes on the market are built around these components!

How Do They Work?

Electric bicycles handle and pedal like a traditional bicycle. Generally, an electric bike will employ the same components. 

The electric component is supposed to assist rather than replace human power. It makes problems like slopes and headwinds easier to overcome, allowing you to travel further without becoming exhausted.

Reasons Why You Should Get An Electric Bike

1. Easy Travel

Electric bikes are, first and foremost, transportation equipment. They can assist you in getting anywhere you need to go. 

If you want to go to the shop, you can get on your electric bike and ride there. Carrying stuff is considerably easier with the help of the engine. 

In addition, they have a greater range than a standard bicycle. E-bikes are excellent for a wide range of activities and daily commuting requirements.

2. You Can Travel Faster

The speed with which an electric bike can ride in motor-assisted mode may surprise you. Consider giving one a try to see how fast they can move. Many E-Lux electric bikes can attain speeds of up to 28 mph.

If you’re in a rush and have to get somewhere quickly, the fastest electric bike beats walking or cycling. Electric bikes are more convenient and may avoid traffic. So, they can be faster than driving in many circumstances.

3. Eco-Friendly

E-bikes are powered by electricity, making them far more environmentally friendly than burning gasoline in an internal combustion engine. 

They produce no emissions when in operation. Many models may get a 1000-mile-per-gallon equivalent rating. Even the most fuel-efficient gasoline engines only get around 50 miles per gallon. E-bikes also get excellent scores for greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.

4. More Convenient Than Cars

Due to traffic congestion and limited parking, getting about the city might be difficult. Even in less heavily populated places, the bother of jumping into your car, driving, and finding a parking space is arguably worth the hassle. 

E-bikes are far more practical. Get on, ride to your destination, and secure your bicycle. You may usually park directly next to the front door of a public establishment you’re visiting.

5. Budget-Friendly

E-bikes, as previously said, are far more efficient than fuel automobiles and trucks. For those who switch to commuting by e-bike, the expected savings on gasoline alone is several thousand dollars per year. 

Additionally, they require less upkeep (which is also less expensive when needed). To summarize, upgrading to an e-bike will benefit your savings.

Buying Your First Electric Bike

E-bikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From folding bikes to full-on extreme mountain bikes, surely, one will suit your needs.

Similarly to traditional bicycles, there are options for practically any riding style. Also, manufacturers are constantly working on lighter, longer-lasting batteries.

Price tags have also been dropping. However, if you’ve decided to purchase your first electric bike, you’ll need to consider a few things.


First of all, think about how and when you’ll use your e-bike. If you live in a city, frequent stair climbing and commuting can be tedious. You could take an off-road path if you reside in a more remote area.

E-bikes are ideal for carrying loads from shopping because of the motor’s support in pulling you up steep slopes. Many of them use standard saddle rack mounts. You may acquire a specialist cargo e-bike if you need to transport additional people, such as your children.

Once you’ve figured out what you need, you will need to ponder on various e-bike types available on the market:

  • Electric road bikes
  • Electric mountain bikes
  • Electric hybrid bikes
  • Folding electric bikes
  • E-cargo bikes

Battery And Power

Many e-bikes use various rechargeable batteries. It is similar to that used in electric vehicles. These batteries charge fast and are lightweight overall.

Moreover, the battery can be mounted in various locations on the bike. It’s commonly attached to the down tube, making it easy to access and remove. 


If you start with a full battery, it is unlikely to run out of juice on a normal ride. However, charging your bike’s range, or the total distance you can travel before the battery runs out of charge is important.

The longer your range, the less time it will take to charge your battery when you return home. In this case, watt-hours are used. For instance, a 300w motor and a 300wh battery will run out of juice in roughly an hour at full power.


Determine how you wish to use the e-bike and how you ride to know the impact weight might have.

You’ll probably want a lightweight bike if you regularly ride on roads and would like to ride with other people.

Despite its added motor power, the weight of your bike will affect performance and control. Additionally, you won’t be weighed down if you choose to conquer a few hills even without a motor.


E-bikes are no longer regarded as luxury products because they have become more affordable. If you want a beginner commuter bike, you can now buy a hybrid E-bike for less than $1000.

While this might sound like a significant amount of money, it is worth it.

Lastly, the price is influenced by how often you would like to use the bike. Generally, top-quality road and mountain bike models are likely to incorporate carbon fiber and other state-of-the-art materials. They’re more expensive, but they’re lighter and perform better.

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