How to remove an image background in Adobe Illustrator

How to remove an image background in Adobe Illustrator

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Using Image Trace

It’s super easy to remove an image background in Adobe Illustrator. The method I’m going to teach you it is pretty much the same as Photoshop, so if you’ve already mastered the Photoshop method, you can easily adapt this to Illustrator.

Using the Clipping Mask

In previous versions of Adobe Illustrator, you would have to spend hours of painstaking work to remove an image from its background. Luckily, Adobe has made it easier with the CS4 version of Illustrator, along with a new tool called the Clipping Mask. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to use the Clipping Mask without having to spend more time on this annoying task.

Using the Select Feature

Using the Select Feature  is probably one of the most important tools in Adobe Illustrator. Once the object is selected, you can get rid of it using the Delete key or Delete Anchor Point Tool. So get your vector on!

How do I get Adobe Illustrator?

How to remove an image background in Adobe Illustrator – Illustrator is one of the most versatile and powerful vector illustration programs. If you’re like most illustrators, you’re probably wondering how do I get Adobe Illustrator? Well, let’s find out. Remove background in illustrator

The beauty aspect of background removal

The beauty aspect of background removal is to get the background removal done in the right way that it does not damage or ruin the photo. Another important aspect is to get the background removal done in the right manner that it does not make the photo look like it has been edited. The background removal should blend with the rest of the image.

Why backgrounds should be removed and replaced?

We have all seen pictures where people have used Photoshop to replace their background. Some of us have longed to learn how to do this too. There are several methods you can use to accomplish this, but the method I will explain here (the one I use) is quick, easy and works like a charm.

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