Should Fortnite Permanently Add A No-Build Mode?

Should Fortnite Permanently Add A No-Build Mode?

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Season 2 Resistance made a significant change that has the community divided. How will Fortnite fare with its iconic build feature?

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Resistance started the new update with a bang, and it is not what many people expected. While the latest season does bring new features such as a ridable battle bus and new parkour move sets, it is the decision to remove the game’s building feature that has caught the attention of fans. Will Fortnite be adding a permanent no-build mode for every Fortnite account?

Fortnite Season 2 Resistance’s No Building Feature

Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Season 2 is already live, and players enjoy what the new season offers. Fans are particularly excited about the unlockable outfits and items from the Fortnite Item Shop. Even with these many goodies, gamers are still torn about removing one of the game’s most distinct features.

Building has been Fortnite’s bread and butter. Epic Games ‘ BR has set itself apart as one of the reigning kings in the battle royale genre by using goofy cartoonish graphics and allowing players to build makeshift constructs. The importance of construction in the game is why its removal came as a shock to many players.

Several gamers found that taking out the feature was a good move to introduce variety to the game. Some people have stated that they have been actively avoiding Fortnite due to its building mechanic. Players who don’t take the time to learn how to construct ramps or box walls are easy targets for those who are experts at creating structures. With the removal of the mechanic, gamers who prefer to shoot guns say they will be returning to the game.

However, other players have also stated that they did not like that Epic Games removed the feature from the game’s default mode. These fans consider building as Fortnite’s most distinct aspect. Getting rid of this mechanic makes the popular game a simple BR, just like most titles in the genre. Fans were worried that it might be a permanent thing.

The good news to the Fortnite community is that the removal of the build mode is only temporary. The “All Battle, No Building” feature was only introduced for story purposes. The mechanic is set to make a return soon. The game mechanic is expected to be re-enabled by March 29.  

Adding A No-Build Mode

While fans are torn regarding the move to take away building in the default mode, the community is all on board the idea of Epic Games introducing a new “No Build” mode in the game. While many players have been asking the gaming studio to introduce such a mode, they did not expect the No Build mode to be implemented in regular or default matches. Gamers are still hopeful that the game will introduce a separate game mode without building.

While being able to create makeshift structures has been Fortnite’s most prominent aspect, the community agrees that a large chunk of gamers avoids playing the game due to the existence of the build mode. The feature has been overused so much that people have been making fun of the part. A long-running joke is that players would shoot one bullet and then create makeshift towers or walls for 30 seconds before shooting again.

Instead of removing the feature from the game’s default mode, a No-Build type of match would allow players who prefer to shoot guns to enjoy the game without being boxed off and drop killed. A separate game mode like this from default matches ensures that every part of the game’s community is happy.

Other Update from Season 2

Aside from removing the build feature, players are also treated to a bunch of other new content. In the meantime, gamers are given extra movement speed, sprint ability, and mantling ability to compensate for the removal of the construction mechanic. A ridable and armor version of the battle bus has also been introduced so that players can ram over their opponents.

Perhaps one of the most exciting additions in Season 2 is the introduction of Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme. Doctor Strange is now an unlockable character for players who buy the season’s battle pass. Gamers can also unlock six other skins and other fantastic items when they get access.

Fortnite has been looking to put more diversity in the game, so introducing a No-Build match would benefit them greatly. While waiting whether Epic Games would include a new mode, gamers should enjoy what Season 2 offers. Check out what the latest update has brought in the Fortnite Item Shop.

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