Best 6 Smart Tactics Reshaping Pharmaceutical Marketing

Best 6 Smart Tactics Reshaping Pharmaceutical Marketing
Pharmaceutical Marketing

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The pharma and healthcare industry is rapidly evolving, particularly after the pandemic, as the importance of value delivery and digital communications increase. Businesses in the pharmaceutical sector should keep innovating their business models to offer effective customer communications and experiences.

Pharma marketing companies in India continue to rely on traditional methods to move their products, with resistance against new-age methods. This, however, is unlikely to last long, with the changing nature of pharma supply-chains. 

To remain competitive in today’s evolving landscape, marketers should stay on top of the latest trends and adopt effective strategies. Here are the top six smart tactics marketers should consider adopting.

1. Free Samples

Doctors and healthcare professionals are more likely to prescribe the products they receive free samples of. They can easily hand them out to their patients who can try them without any risk.

Giving free samples is a traditional marketing method in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and is highly effective at reaching a large number of people. However, this strategy should be used wisely to see the desired results. Many healthcare networks don’t permit doctors to accept samples.

Though effective, it pays to use the tactic responsibly to ensure that your reputation is not hurt.

2. Have Quality Website Content

A well-designed business website is one of the most powerful marketing tools and an essential component of a digital marketing strategy.

A great tactic for pharmaceutical marketers is to ensure that the website contains all the content a patient or a doctor would require. The page for the drug should explain its benefits, usage, recommended dosages, safety information, clinical trial data, and risks.

The pharma website should be designed such that it is easy to navigate, and there should be a system that captures the visitor’s email address. The site serves as the primary communication tool for a product, and hence it has to be a good landing page.

Having high-quality content on the pharma website improves user experience and benefits your business with organic traffic and search engine rankings.

3. Get Acquainted with AI

As digitalization progresses, the volume of data marketers need to process on a daily basis also increases. This is where the knowledge and use of Artificial Intelligence prove useful in pharma marketing.

For effective communication of the brand message, businesses should understand how patients and healthcare professionals think, grasp, and spend.

Artificial Intelligence allows managing the analytic aspect of pharma marketing. However, today, marketers are using AI not just to understand the target market but to actively target the audience in contexts where they are the most receptive.

A combination of Artificial Intelligence and a well-designed pharmaceutical marketing plan should improve targeting and the performance of marketing campaigns.

4. Embrace Telemedicine

Telemedicine is now a mainstay in the healthcare industry and has become more essential during the pandemic when physical contact has been restricted.

Telemedicine allows patients to get easy access to healthcare providers and find specialists located far away and allows professionals to attend to more patients.

With internet availability, it is easier for patients to understand and follow the doctor’s advice. Telemedicine also impacts patients’ experiences as these platforms provide expert counsel, which is far better than relying on a web search.

5. Emphasize Guerrilla Marketing

One of the most cost-effective marketing strategies of the time, guerrilla marketing uses out-of-the-box and unconventional strategies to spread brand awareness.

As a pharmaceutical business owner or marketer, you can expect to find amazing results by being creative in your marketing tactics.

India’s top pharma company, Sun Pharma, recently launched its SunKalp Campaign, aimed at supporting doctors and their families, especially during times of extreme stress such as the COVID-19 period. Such a campaign helped the company build rapport with the medical community while striking the right chords with patients and consumers at the same time.

A pharma marketer may sometimes directly target competitors in unexpected ways to stand out from others.

Though this is a risky form of marketing as you challenge the norms, it can be an effective way to highlight your brand and product in the increasingly competitive landscape.

6. D2C Model

Digital disruption has led to the popularity of the D2C model across sectors. Under this model, brands communicate their proposition and deliver services directly to end customers through digital media channels like websites and social media platforms.

Content distribution is accomplished through email automation, search engines, social media ads, and digital advertisements.

Digital media and technology are quite important in marketing campaigns when adopting the D2C model. Digital channels help reach out and convince prospective customers as they make a decision.

It also becomes important to review the quality of marketing communications across paid and owned media to ensure the right types of communications are employed across the customer’s lifecycle.

To Wrap up

Regardless of the tactics you choose for your pharmaceutical marketing campaign, it is critical to pay attention to numbers. 

Testing the marketing strategy helps you figure out how well it is performing and allows you to modify the approach accordingly to get the best results.

The key to successful pharmaceutical marketing is consistency in your brand image and message. At Amura Marketing Technologies, we offer tailored solutions to help you accomplish just that.

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