Why should staffing agencies use skills testing software?

Why should staffing agencies use skills testing software?

Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Umer Malik

Candidate skills testing in 2022 is a strategic tool used widely by recruitment agencies. Skills assessment software not only makes work easier for recruiters but also adds value to the recruiting system. Let us explore the different ways regarding why it is necessary to utilise online skills testing to boost modern recruitment practices.

Every recruiter is familiar with how candidate sourcing is carried out and also how labour shortage affects the industry. These are two big elements of recruiting. Thus, to meet these issues head-on, it is vital to leverage employment skills testing software system that helps minimise these challenges while demonstrating better ways to pinpoint the best-qualified candidates.

CVs, cover letters and interviews are standard in all recruitment strategies. But do they give the entire picture when it comes to hiring the most appropriate person for the role?

Additionally, not every hiring cycle is smooth or swiftly wrapped up. Glitches are inevitable during a lot of these recruiting stages. A candidate skills assessment software that operates smoothly alongside good recruitment CRM systems is immensely advantageous for all recruiters.

Problems that commonly crop up during candidate sourcing and how skills testing can help

• Influx of applications

It is not uncommon for recruiters to get a sudden and high volume of candidate applications. But it can be challenging to deal with a mass influx of applicants, especially when it is unexpected or when there is a time shortage. Skills assessment is the best way to quickly distinguish which candidates are suitable for the role. Otherwise, it is very time-consuming to go through each application and spend hours comparing talents and qualifications. Using skills tests to evaluate abilities helps to filter candidates and reach decisions quickly.

• Similar qualifications

Many times, recruiters will get applications from job seekers who have a set of similar qualifications and skills. When that happens, it is taxing for recruiters to quickly decide between those applicants whose skills, experiences and qualifications appear to be similar. Once again, online skills testing software provides the perfect platform to distinguish which of the applicants is a stronger and better choice for the role. There are technical skills assessments like literacy skills tests, secretarial skills tests and accounting skills testing. There is also psychometric skills testing which focuses on measuring soft skills such as communication and problem-solving abilities.

•  Candidate skill exaggeration

Just as recruiters are out to get the best talent, job seekers also want the best opportunity as they move up the career ladder. This can lead to people exaggerating their skillset and qualifications. And when recruiters must avoid making the wrong hire because it has repercussions on the working environment and the business. Skills testing candidates right at the outset is valuable in pinpointing their talent and abilities clearly. And if an applicant has talked about being great at numbers but a simple numeracy skills test shows that is not the case then it allows recruiters and employers to consider the application more seriously.

Choosing to work with online skills testing software

Online skills assessment enables recruiters to work swiftly while improving the quality of their work. The ability to check candidate proficiency online cuts through the time it takes to organise and send a test offline. In 2022, remote hiring practices must involve tech support that accelerates quicker recruiting as well as better quality of results.

But with the support of an online skills assessment software, recruiters can pick and choose from any of the skills tests available in the library. It only takes a few minutes to send the tests to one or a group of candidates from within the recruitment software platform.

Candidates also save time as they can do the exercise quickly from anywhere. Just a computer device and an internet connection are required for this.

Online skills testing makes the recruiting process easier and more convenient for everyone involved. The test results are instantly delivered to the recruiter’s inbox. Since the skills tests are standardised and automated, the exercises are evaluated fairly and without any bias. Employers can utilise them to make informed hiring decisions.

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