What is shuttle racking, and how is it used in material handling?

Shuttle racking

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Shuttle racking is definitely not the cheapest storage system available, but if you want to increase the capacity of the warehouse, this is a great option.

In the shuttle racking system, the pallets are moved into the rack by a robot shuttle, a type of sled that sits on the track below the beam that sits on the track. A simple, manually operated forklift keeps the shuttle in the rack at the desired height and position of the plate, and is placed on the shuttle to keep the load away.

The shuttle can then move itself into the desired position in the rack, where it leaves the pallet and returns to the end of the rack, which can be moved elsewhere. This system of operation means that the shuttle racking allows a higher storage density – in operations using shuttle racking, the racks are always four or five pallets five inches or more. Like other storage systems, shuttle racking can reduce the power of choice – in other words, it can mean that the pallet you want takes longer, especially if it’s in a pack rack with the center surrounded by other pallets. However, the robotic shuttle actually takes care of the pellet, so reducing the time for manual trucks is the efficiency of the operator.

Potential selection problems mean that shuttle racking is often used in ‘first in, first out’ (FIFO) systems, where the pallet is placed in a rack from one side and removed from the opposite direction, or ‘the last in, first out’. (LIFO) system, where tablets are placed and removed from the rack on the same side.

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