What are the advantages of the double glazed window?

What are the advantages of the double glazed window?

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In all homes, windows are a fundamental element, not only from the brightness of the space or ventilation but also as insulation from the outside. These pieces contribute to increasing the value of a home because they allow the entry of natural light, but at the same time, they must act as protectors so that a house is a comfortable place.

At present, it is possible to find some novelties in highly resistant glasses that do not compromise the entry of light, and that also offer superior insulation. One of the most popular types is double glazing, which has taken over the exterior openings of a large part of the buildings due to their multiple benefits.

What are double glazed windows like?

Unlike conventional glass and as its name suggests, double-glazed windows have two glass layers, separated by a sealed inert gas zone that allows the assembly to be hermetic.

Although the vacuum offers better insulation, the chamber between the two panes is filled with dry air. The first solution is quite difficult to achieve. It is more comfortable to use air on a practical level, which also offers an excellent result due to its low thermal conductivity and its low level of radiation absorption.

Double glazing is made up of two glazings, with a separation profile in the center that separates the enclosed air or gas chambers.

The most common configuration in which these types of windows usually exist is 4/12/4. This means that the two crystals have a size of 4 mm and an air chamber of 12.

However, this is to some extent because too wide a width will lose the insulation of the camera, incorporating too thick glass is unreasonable, and the windows will be too heavy. The most commonly recommended measurements are 6/12/4 or 6/16/4.

In addition, two or more glasses can be glued together into double glazing, which can improve some of its benefits. Best double glazing windows is available on klarwindows.co.uk.

Advantages of double glazing


The double glazing is designed to block both heat and cold due to its configuration, which envisions significant energy savings.

In cold climates, it reduces heating costs and eliminates the need to install radiators under windows. This is because there are no cold areas around the windows.

Double glazing significantly reduces external heat and keeps the house cool without consuming extra energy, saving the air conditioning system’s cost in the face of heat.

In addition, combining double glazing with a good insulation profile can provide the optimum level of insulation for your home.


This type of window’s sound insulation capacity is very effective in isolating the house from annoying noise from the outside.

Environmental savings

Glass contributes to the environment both in manufacturing and recycling. Natural elements such as sand intervene in manufacturing and the technical processes used to minimize the environmental impact. It can also be recycled.

The insulation provided by the double-glazed configuration, in turn, represents significant savings in heating and cooling systems and contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions, which is critical to combating the greenhouse effect.

In addition, soundproofing helps reduce the noise pollution that is very present in cities.

Other benefits

Windows are an element that will last a long time in your home once installed. Therefore, it is very important to know how to choose the best combination of glazing and profile.

Profile of double glazing

Good glass is useless if it does not accompany a good profile. If the profile to which the glass is attached does not have a similar property, the glass property will be cancelled.

Thus, if you want to provide good insulation for your windows and don’t want the outside air temperature to penetrate your home, your profile should be equally insulated.

The same is true for sound insulation. This is because external noise is very likely to penetrate through the gaps in poor carpentry.

The best insulation profiles found on the market are PVC profiles, wooden profiles, and aluminum profiles with a thermal breakdown of over 12 mm, all of which should always be installed with double glazing.

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