The brief guide for installing the double glazed windows

The brief guide for installing the double glazed windows

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Your windows are single glazed, and you want to switch to double glazing? Very good idea! The double glazing has several advantages, which makes it a very sought plant for homes. Not only does it increase security since it is difficult to break, but it also guarantees acoustic and thermal insulation of your home; in this article, you will learn How to install a double glazed window?

You can say goodbye to outside noise and heat loss. Know that installing a double glazed window is not very difficult; you must have the right equipment and follow the steps that we will show you below.

How to install double glazed windows?

If you’re having trouble with your windows, switch to a double glazed window. This initiative to reduce traffic noise and minimize heat loss inside your home. Installing double glazing is not a difficult operation in itself; with the right tools and following the steps to follow, you should be able to do it without expert help. Let’s see what it is.

  • First, you will need to bring together the following tools: two trestles, a tape measure, a hammer, a wood saw, a drill, screws, a joint gun, a rag, and a glass cleaner. Remember to cover your floor with a tarp to protect it. It is also strongly recommended to wear gloves and a protective mask.]
  • Here is how to install double glazing. The first thing to do will be to measure the glass surface to be changed. Then go to the store where you will have to buy double glazing that corresponds to this surface.
  • When you get home, take the windows open by opening them at 90 °. Then, gently take the detached window and place it on the two trestles. Carefully break the glass with the hammer and remove any pieces of glass that will be between the frame and the window.
  • Using your wood saw, see the wooden bars to install the double glazing without difficulty. Put your double glazing on the frame, and with the screwdriver, screw the insulation. Screws must be placed every 10 cm. Be careful not to take screws that are too long. Then, run the silicone sealant around the edges of the double glazing with the gun.
  • Be sure to smooth the putty with a small spatula. The next step is to clean the sides of the double glazing Using the cloth soaked in window cleaner. End up re-flooding the window, and the job will be done. If all these steps seem difficult to you, do not hesitate to contact a professional who will take care of it for you. It should cost you between 150 and 250 euros.

What finishes to do after installing a double glazed window?

The finishes are always an important step to consider as they affect the final aesthetics of the window, its tightness, and its overall performance.

We are going to present to you some essential accessories for finishing your window; you will obtain a more than satisfactory result. These accessories, also called “dressing,” will allow you to make finishes between the carpentry and the wall.

Among them, we find the bib that protects the old frame, the dressing angle that hides your old window, or the cover profile that is used to cover the insulation or the interior border. With these accessories, you guarantee a beautiful double glazed window that is both aesthetic and functional!

How to maintain and clean a window?

Do you want to maintain your windows, and you don’t know what the best tips are? We will enlighten you on the matter. Maintaining and cleaning windows is essential in order to keep them shiny and in good condition. To do this, it is enough simply to pass from time to time a sponge soaked in soapy water. You can even use dish soap!

As for cleaning windows, it’s a bit more elaborate. You have to start by vacuuming the dust, making sure to make all the nooks and crannies. Now know that the most effective product for cleaning material such as soda ash.

  • First, Pour in three spoons of soda crystals in a bucket full of lukewarm water. Then add a little bleach. Do not forget to wear gloves; the bleach is quite aggressive on the skin.
  • Mix everything and use a sponge to rub your windows well. Here is now another very effective product for cleaning and which is above all natural: white vinegar!
  • If you have a sprayer, you can pour white vinegar into it with hot water and spray it on the Window. The sprayer makes it possible to reach the entire surface. Finish by wiping off the vinegar with a rag. Nothing simpler, is not it?
  • Except that if you do not do it, your windows risk being damaged, and the cost of replacing a window can sometimes amount to 800 euros if it is and double glazed. So no longer hesitate to wipe your windows with a rag; this could, in the long term, save you huge expenses.


We hope that with all the details provided HERE, the installation of a  double glazed window will no longer hold any secrets for you.