The Top 7 North Carolina Cities, Ranked

North Carolina

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In 2020, North Carolina’s population grew by a staggering 10 million residents, thanks to the friendly locals and stunning landscape. 

The Tar Heel State is famous for its Southern charm, affordable homes, and its fantastic lifestyle. Perhaps you’ve been planning to move to North Carolina, but you’re not sure which area is best for you and your family.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here are the seven best North Carolina cities. 

1. Raleigh

On our list of North Carolina cities ranked, Raleigh comes at the top. The state’s capital has the best higher education establishments and opportunities for young professionals.

Plus, there’s a huge selection of activities for the entire family, whether it’s visiting the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences or cruising along the Neuse River Trail.  

2. Charlotte 

If you’re interested in living in one of the biggest North Carolina cities, then Charlotte is for you. This is the go-to place for professionals in the Finance sector, thanks to the biggest banks relocating here. 

But if you’re worried about moving because of foreclosure notices, then check out this article for more information.   

3. Durham 

Not sure where to live in North Carolina? Then check out Durham, only a stone’s throw away from the state’s capital.

Durham is home to Duke University so expect a vibrant art and music scene.


4. Asheville 

Asheville is arguably one of the best North Carolina cities as it has something for everyone.

A great introduction is taking the Urban Trail, so you learn about its cultural and architectural history. And drive along Blue Ridge Parkway to soak up the incredible scenery.   

5. Apex 

Looking for the best cities to live in, in North Carolina?

Then, check out Apex, as it’s renowned for its fantastic quality of life for families. Although it’s more expensive than others on this list, there are plenty of job opportunities in an array of industries, so relocating or pursuing a new career isn’t an issue. 

6. Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem, North Carolina’s fourth-largest city, is steeped in history. Nowadays, Winston-Salem is progressive, and there’s plenty of cultural activities to keep residents occupied. Plus, the property is cheaper in this state, making it perfect for young families.   

7. Wake Forest 

If you want to relocate to the suburbs, then check out Wake Forest. Sitting just north of Raleigh, this town boasts multiple public schools and has a small-town feel, so you can get respite from the city. Further, Wake Forest is the go-to spot if you love the outdoors, so you can go camping and boating for the weekend. 

Check Out These North Carolina Cities 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll consider relocating to the North Carolina cities mentioned in this list.  

Those who love city life should check out Raleigh, Charlotte, and Winston-Salem. Or, if you want to enjoy North Carolina’s slower side, then Wake Forest is for you. Good luck!

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