6 Things Men Look for When Buying Engagement Rings

6 Things Men Look for When Buying Engagement Rings

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If you’re a man who’s about to propose, your head might be swimming with questions about what the heck an engagement ring is, how much it should cost, and where the heck you get one. (And then there are the questions about proposing, but I’ll save those for another article.) It can help to know that men tend to look for five specific things when they’re going to buy sapphire engagement rings.


Men want to get a good deal on their purchases. This makes sense—no one wants to spend more than they have to on anything! When it comes to rings, he will be looking for a good price/quality balance.


A good-looking ring that won’t break easily is something most men will seek out. And if it looks beautiful and is durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear, all the better!

Minimal maintenance

It’s hard enough keeping up with a busy schedule without adding another complex task into the mix. If he can find a ring that won’t require ongoing maintenance or frequent trips to the jeweler, he’ll probably prefer that option over something that needs more care.

Consider her style—is she flashy or understated? Do you see her wearing earrings every day? If so, then it might be safer to go with a more subtle look. On the other hand, if she likes bigger and bolder pieces, then don’t be afraid to make a statement with your selection!

Consider any other jewelry she wears regularly (including watches), as well as the colors she favors—this will help you narrow down your choices between metals like platinum versus gold and stones such as diamonds versus rubies or sapphires.

What she likes

This may seem obvious, but many men fail to consider their loved one’s preferences when picking out a ring. They might look at what their friends have bought, or fantasize about what they would get if they were picking out a ring for themselves. Obviously, that defeats the purpose of buying jewelry for someone else!

Something that matches her personality

Just because she likes something doesn’t mean it would necessarily suit her well as an engagement ring—she could like it just because it is aesthetically pleasing or fashionable at the moment.

The Four Cs

With so many factors to consider when shopping for an engagement ring, it’s tough to know where to start. That’s why I would start with what jewelers call “the four Cs.” These are the four basic characteristics that affect the value of a diamond: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. If you understand these four characteristics and how they impact price as well as appearance, you’ll be able to find a great stone that fits your budget.

1. Cut:

Whether it’s princess, round or square, think about her favorite shape and go from there. If you aren’t sure, just ask her friends—they’ll know!

2. Carat:

The bigger the diamond, the better, right? Not always! If your girlfriend isn’t flashy or ostentatious, she might prefer a smaller stone instead of something that makes a huge statement.

3. Clarity:

Unless your lady has trained to be a gemologist, she won’t know what kind of clarity she’s looking for—and neither will most people who see her ring!

4. Color:

Diamonds come in many different colors and can even be made in blue or pink if you’re looking for something different than traditional white diamonds. Again, unless she’s a professional, she might not have an opinion on which color is best! 5. Cost: Set your budget ahead of time so you know how much you can afford to spend on the perfect engagement ring.