How To Create a Timeless Look With a White Cyclorama

How To Create a Timeless Look With a White Cyclorama

Last Updated on January 20, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

What Is a Cyclorama Studio?

The abbreviated term for cyclorama is ‘cyc.’ A cyclorama studio essentially has a cyc wall. The cyc wall could be a curtain stretched tight in an arc or a curved wall. Any type of wall background incorporating one or more curved surfaces is a cyclorama wall. The idea is to create a wall background with no perceptible beginning or end. In a white cyclorama studio, the background is white in color. The corners are made to look seamless to create an ‘infinity background.’ 

A cyclorama studio serves multiple purposes. These are used creatively within the television and film industry, broadcast media, and photography business. A complete white background is used for product photoshoots. Many leading online retailers like Amazon display products with an exclusive white background. 

A white cyclorama background offers a plethora of possibilities. Moreover, a multitude of car commercials is shot against a seamless cyclorama background. 

One can experiment with the advantages of a cyc background in still photography too. It can make your background ‘disappear’ virtually. Such a setup opens a multitude of possibilities for lighting and post-production. The product you are shooting will take center stage, and the purpose of the shoot will be accomplished. 

A White Cyclorama:

A white cyclorama is an entirely white curved wall background of a stage or a studio set. The setup suggests unlimited space. It is an ideal option to have a neutral background in any direction your imagination takes you. 

So, whether you’re looking forward to a classic setup for your video production or photoshoot, the white cyclorama wall would be the essential element you must look out for in a photo studio. With significant lighting effects, you will be able to create a timeless look. People often find it challenging to use the cyclorama wall to its advantage. However, when you master the art of lighting a white cyclorama, you can generate the best quality photos and videos. 

Mentioned below are a few tips & techniques that will help you capture fantastic footage when you go for your next project:

Lighting the white cyclorama is an important part of the video production process. Here’s how you can do it effectively:

Distance From The Source Of Light:

Most newbies believe that the bright sources of light need to be closest to the backdrop. But when the light source is very close to the background, the color white is blown out of proportion. A better-looking, clean and classic white background can be achieved when the light-emitting source is placed at an adequate distance from the white cyc. A soft and even cast light will look much better on your camera. 

When you move your light source away from the background, the light spreads uniformly over the backdrop. Thus, consistent exposure is maintained as the talent moves throughout the scene. 

Contrast Is Essential:

You do not want footage that looks flat. The lighting on a white cyc wall can make your image seem flat. The absence of contrasting elements in your scene will make the video or photo dull. Instinctively, we usually blast all the lights on the stage. However, through lighting, we can also add contrast back into the image. Thus, you can help lift the scene by separating the objects from the background. To pull this off, all you need is some negative fill. 

Make Use Of Soft Sources:

Light can create shadows. These shadows can become a threat to your project. Since lighting can fall on your object and create a shadow on the white cyc wall, the whole purpose of shooting in the white cyclorama studio gets destroyed. The infinite background effect is interrupted by the shadow. So, how can you avoid such a problem?

Incorporate very soft sources with diffusion materials. Don’t use natural sources of light. While working in a white cyclorama studio, raw sources of light are rarely used. To create a soft glow, you can set up a light source and use a reflector to bounce it off. Or you can also shoot it using a diffusion panel. There are multiple ways you can create a significant soft source on a budget. Natural light or light coming through a window can also serve as faint light sources if you don’t have lighting equipment. Ensure that the sun isn’t shining too brightly on your object. 

Keep Experimenting With Light:

The filmmaking process cannot be successful without the proper adjustment of lighting. This process allows you to test and experiment with sources and positions. Keep experimenting and find the perfect spot or the best technique to achieve the best lighting for your next production.

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