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The door hardware refers to all the elements that are needed in the correct Functioning of the door. It applies to both the interior and the exterior doors of the house. A door handles is thus an essential component of the door hardware that leads to the easy opening of the door. It provides a grip on the door and prevents the hands from slipping. The designs of the door handles vary depending on their usage. They are incorporated, keeping in mind the standard locking system. The methods of the handles and knobs have evolved in recent years. Also, they come in a wide variety of materials ranging from bronze, cut glass to wood and brass. The door handles used in the exterior and interior doors must stand out in terms of design and functionality.

Choosing the right kind of door handles is linked to providing maximum security and safety. The door hardware may account for small purchases, but they enhance the look of your house. This is not an item that we shop regularly, so looking for the right door handles can be overwhelming. The door furniture must complement the decor of your house, and the upgrades are necessary to keep it refreshed at all times. So when executing the home improvement project, we must be cautious about the type of door handles we are buying. Here are a few points we can consider while purchasing the door handles:

The style of your home:

You always want the door hardware that can blend with the interiors of your house. Considering the overall theme of the house can go a long way and assist you in buying. For the traditional properties, we can always go for rustic and brass finishes. On the other hand, if you consider adding contemporary features to your house, you can opt for brighter and matte finishes that will create a very dramatic look in your home.


Before adding the door handles, we have to be careful about their installation. The different house areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms require different types of door handles depending on their functionality. If we look into the external handles, we want them to be classic and stylish as they leave an impression on the visitors. Thus it will be made up of superior quality and handle a lot of wear and tear.

The function:

The function of the door will help us arise to the best decision. If the door is not used at regular intervals, we can use decorative locks and non-turning levers or knobs. For the bathroom region, we can choose a locking lever.

The finishing of your door:

The materials you require to finish the door handles are solely dependent on the aesthetic appeal of your house. There are a wide variety of finishes available in the market, and we need to narrow down all the options to pick the best one. Some of the latest finishes in the market are:


2-Satin finishes




Amongst all these, the homeowners prefer satin finishes due to their low maintenance and cost.


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