Tips for buying an electric scooter

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Last Updated on March 30, 2024 by Umer Malik

The purchase of an electric scooter is an important decision and cannot be left to chance. In many cases, we will use the scooter as a means of daily transportation and we must bear in mind that safety is paramount. In addition, the ideal would be to find an electric scooter with the characteristics that best suit our needs.

What should we take into account before buying a scooter?

If you are going to buy a product with these characteristics, it is best to search and find out about several models so that you can find the one that best suits you. We give you some tips for it.

What are you going to use the electric scooter for?

There are different models of electric scooters, with different characteristics. From scooters that stand out for being a light to others that look like a hybrid between a scooter and a bicycle. Before buying an electric scooter, it is important to be clear about what it is going to be used for or where. You do not need the same type of scooter to walk around the city, go through streets with slopes and unevenness or take it on public transport. There is a scooter for each situation and that is why you must choose yours well.

Find out about the regulations of electric scooters

Where are you going to use the scooter? Does your city have any specific regulations? Make sure that the scooter complies with the regulations of your circulation area. In addition, the regulations are changing, and laws by the Government also come into force. It is advisable to be fully informed before making a decision.

Battery and autonomy

The battery of an electric scooter is one of the key elements to take into account. Find out how long it takes to charge or how many charge cycles it can withstand. Lithium batteries are the most reliable and safe. They last longer than batteries made of other materials and have a constant voltage during their use cycles. Another factor that we must look at is the autonomy of the battery. This refers to the km that we can do with a battery charge: 30 km, 40 km, 50 km, etc. The more autonomy you have, the more km you can travel without having to worry about whether you arrive or not. One of the electric scooters with the greatest autonomy is the You-Go XL, with which you can travel up to 50 km.


Electric scooters go fast. In many cases, they can reach up to 25km/h (the maximum allowed according to EU regulations) and in some crowded places or with many pedestrians around, it can be dangerous. You have to take extreme security measures and the brakes are part of it. At Hovsco, there are scooter models for all tasteselectronic brakesdrum brakes or disc brakes. All the brakes have the function of braking, but if you have doubts before buying an electric scooter, choose one with disc brakes because they are more effective.

Accessories and extras

There are more and more accessories for personal mobility vehicles such as scooters. That the model of your scooter can incorporate accessories such as a helmetcoverbag to transport it or mobile support will be positive for your experience and will make your routes more comfortable.

The maximum load weight of the electric scooter

When we look at the maximum load weight of the scooters, we should not only think about what we weigh as people. Many times, we will go with backpacks or bags: to work, to the gym… It is important to have a few extra kilos of load and not just look for it to have good power because if it does not support our weight, it can break down. That is why it is also important to take this into account and look for scooters with a great capacity to support weight, such as the You-Go 2XL, which can hold up to 120 kg. over.


Although in many countries, insurance is not yet compulsory to be able to circulate, in some cities such as Barcelona and Valencia civil liability insurance is. This insurance covers damages to third parties in the event of an accident for which we are responsible. Thus, we can go on our scooters with complete peace of mind.

How to choose the right bike size

As cycling has evolved, bicycles and their features have too. The options are endless and choosing the right size can seem complicated. But don’t worry, there are some standard measurements that will guide you when buying a bicycle. So how do you know the perfect bike size?

Measure the length of the legs

The best option, and also the easiest, is to measure the length of your legs, from the inside of the crotch to the floor. It is important to do it without shoes or with shoes with little soles so that it is a more accurate measurement. A person’s height can give a general idea of ​​what the correct size would be, but measuring leg length is more accurate. The following image indicates the points from which the measurements must be taken.

What size do you need according to the type of bike?

Some brands use a system of sizes expressed in centimetres, others in inches and others use the standard sizes of S, M, and L.

Know the size for Hovsco mountain bikes

Once we know our crotch measurement, we must multiply the measurement that has come out in centimetres by 0.21 to obtain the result in inches.

The most common is to multiply it by 0.21 since most of the manufacturers and brands of Hovsco ebikes usually give the sizes in inches. For example, if our legs measure 70 centimetres, the result would be 70 x 0.21 = 14.7. The ideal size in inches would be between 14 and 16. Which is the standard size is equivalent to size M.

It is important not to confuse wheel inches with frame size inches. For example, that the wheels are 26 or 29 inches does not mean that these numbers are size, but that this is the measurement of the wheels.

Know the size of road bikes

To find the perfect size for road bikes, the same measurements are not used for mountain bikes. The procedure is the same, but in this case, it has to be multiplied by 0.65. And the result is in centimetres, not inches.

Therefore, if the 70 centimetres that our legs measure are multiplied by 0.65, the ideal size for a road bike would be around 45 cm. Equivalent to size M.

Choosing the size of the bike well is vital to avoid physical problems or injuries, as well as to be comfortable on our bike routes.

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