5 Tips for Designing Business Cards for Lawyers

5 Tips for Designing Business Cards for Lawyers

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Making business cards is one of the best things you can do to spread awareness about your law firm, but how do you design them?

While business cards are fairly simple to make, many businesses use complex designs that don’t encourage people to use their services. When making business cards for lawyers, you must go through several steps to ensure the card is simple and attractive to clients.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a small list of tips you can use to make law firm business cards that work.

Here are 5 tips for designing business cards for lawyers!

1. Include Key Information

When it comes to making business cards for attorneys, you can start by including some key information about you. Whether you work for a law firm or independently, include anything that a client would find useful, such as a name, address, and contact info.

This info will ensure clients can contact a lawyer at any time, and it also makes it easier for them to recommend a lawyer to others.

2. Use a Simple Layout

Aside from including key information, law firm business cards should also have simple layouts. While you can get creative with business cards, keeping them as professional as possible will prevent clients from getting the wrong idea.

Instead of putting too much on the card, use basic fonts and small logos. While business cards for attorneys should be memorable, they must stand out from other types of businesses.

3. Choose the Right Colors

Similar to using a simple layout, you must also choose the right colors. When looking at popular business card designs, you’ll find that many people use black, white, gray, and other basic colors.

When you start using colors like red, blue, and green, your business cards won’t look neat and will, consequentially, prevent people from contacting you.

4. Include Info on the Back

Because a business card has two sides, you should never overlook the back of the card. It’s a great location to place law firm websites and logos, making your card look “whole.”

You’ll also attract clients to your site, allowing you to take advantage of internet marketing. Check out this to learn about more law firm marketing solutions. 

Whenever you put info on the back, avoid putting as much as you would on the front. All of the main info a client needs should be on one side.

5. Avoid Gloss

The last tip we’ll provide is to avoid using glossy cards. While a glossy business card can appear to be more professional, it also prevents clients from writing down info on the card.

Should you decide to add gloss, apply it to only one side. Not only can clients write things, but you can also provide them with extra info if needed.

Start Making Business Cards for Lawyers Now

With all of this information, you now have a better idea of how to make appropriate business cards for lawyers. Whether you’d like to grow law firm websites or provide clients with info about your services, we encourage you to start making business cards as soon as possible.

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