Tips to Choose the Right Clothes For Cricket

Tips to Choose the Right Clothes For Cricket

Last Updated on February 13, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

You know in a sport like cricket, in which players constantly have to run to score better or catch the ball, the right and comfortable type of clothing will help in accomplishing the dedicated task with ease.

Of course, you can think of cricket whites for sale in Australia and get the clothes that fit well and give you the freedom to shine. You know, you might have heard often that one size does not really fit all. In sports, wearing the right type of clothing is of utmost importance, due to extensive physical movement like running, sprinting, diving, etc. The outfit a sportsperson adorns gives him overall flexibility in movement while ensuring that the best possible or optimum temperature is maintained.

You might be surprised that many studies and research have linked dress with the performance. In a sport like cricket, if the players are wearing comfortable and good outfits, they can dedicatedly play and score well.  Actually, cricket is one game that is usually played during the daytime, at times under the scorching heat in the centre of summer. Also, batsmen need to wear protective gear that actually limit the movement to an extent. So, even when you choose whites for your cricket matches or sessions, here are some points to remember for the best outfit purchase.

The Right Fabric Type

Wearing the right type of clothes must start with the selection of the right fabric. It is crucial to have breathable fabric as it endorses the flow of air throughout the body and does not really trap moisture. Ideally, fabrics like polyester, cotton, wool, and spandex are believed to be good. Wool is preferred during the time of winters. Polyester is somewhat lightweight in nature and dries swiftly in comparison to other fabrics. Other than the fabric, a cricketer must check other sorts of features of the apparel such as the overall size of the pockets, shirt side panels, even ventilation spots, etc. The right type of clothing is going to have breathable mesh and many ventilation areas or spots for a free flow of air. 

Raglan type of Sleeve

You know this is the type of sleeve that is a good example of style as well as comfort. The Raglan sleeve extends to the collar and simply the neckline. The shade of the sleeve is mostly different from the t-shirt. This is a perfect kind of jersey style as the design forms up a wider area in the underarm, hence giving complete flexibility in the movement of your arms. The extra space can be of much utility, especially for the bowlers in bowling the overall delivery. The raglan sleeve is going to ensure the player’s 360-degree mobility.  Of course, once the outfit gets you the proper mobility and ease, you can certainly play well and stay at ease.


To sum up, since you have a good idea about what you should choose when looking for a cricket outfit, make a sensible move. Once you have the comfort, ease and efficiency in your whites, you would perform even better. You would see the change in your overall playing pattern!

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