Tips When Buying Cycling Helmet Online

Buying Cycling Helmet Online

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It is an important safety measure to have a helmet on while cycling. Whether you get on the road casually or often, long or short distances, wearing a helmet protects your head from getting serious head injuries. One should wear one at all times when cycling. The guide below will give you some tips on what to check out when buying a cycling helmet.

Find the Best Fit.

When buying a helmet, try out different models and brands to find the one that perfectly fits. Different brands and models fit heads differently. Therefore, when choosing to buy a helmet, especially if it is online shopping, make sure that you have done thorough research to buy the right king of the helmet. Also, make sure that you shop within your budget. Whether cheap or expensive, helmets provide the same kind of protection. The only difference is that the more affordable helmets mostly come in a one-size only. The others come in various shapes, sizes, and even colors. Therefore, when doing your online shopping you can check out those that offer great deals saving you on cost.

Type of Activity.

The kind of cycling you are going to be involved in determines the helmet you are going to buy. It is dependent on the risk involved in the activity. If you seek to only cycle, look for a helmet with good ventilation and lightweight. For the summer, you might consider one that has a peak to keep off the sun from your eyes. However, if you plan on cycling in the winter season, you might opt to go for one with minimal vents to keep the cold air out. If you are a racer, you will look for one that has aerodynamics. A cycling experience with a mountain bike in rough terrain requires a rugged helmet. This provides extra protection to their heads especially the back part of it. This will protect you when you tumble backward and fall.

Where to Buy.

When looking to buy helmets online, you can look for advice from your friends on the best sights to visit or even get professional advice on it. Also, consider those that offer great deals. Voucher codes or a coupon code that you can buy using online coupons will save you money. If you are looking to buy with online coupons, you can try out CouponCodesME for your noon daily coupon. This will have a coupon code.

If you are looking at what helmet you need, there are a few tips on what helmet to use for different cycling activities:

Best road riding helmets.

The road riding helmets are designed to be aerodynamic and lightweight. They also have vents to allow the free flow of air. Some of the road helmets include:

MENT Trenta Road Helmet (MIPS).

It has a Safe-T Orbital Fit System which is great for maximum comfort. It has been fitted with MIPS-C2 that limits the rotational impact in case an accident occurs. It also has a tube-shaped tail that offers up to a 7% reduction in drag compared to the traditional road helmet designs.

HJC Valeco Helmet.

It has 12-port ventilation system channels that offer cooling air over the head. It also has an adjustable occipital cradle that offers a secure and comfortable fit.

Best aero helmets.

Aero helmets are like a combination of road helmets and elite time trial helmets. They include;

Kask Valegro Road Helmet.

It has 36 vents designed for supreme cooling, a patented MIT Technology that adds a polycarbonate shell on top for complete protection, and an Octo Fit design that uses gel pads and floating cradle contact points that offer a perfect fit.

Giro Aether Helmet (MIPS)

It has 11 Wind Tunnel vents to channel air internally over the scalp to keep you cool, a multi-density EPS foam plus MIPS Spherical to provide protection, and a Roc-Loc 5 fit system that offers a completely customizable fit.

Best time trial helmet.

They offer great protection against a high-speed impact. They include;

  • Kask Utopia Road Helmet.
  • Giro Vanquish MIPS Aero Helmet.
  • Kask Mistral Aero Helmet.

Best kids’ helmet.

Colorful items attract kids hence helmets for kids are made colorful to encourage use. They include; 

  • Bell Sidetrack Kids Helmet
  • MET Genio Kids Helmet

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