Top 5 Tips On Buying Second Hand Car In Philippines

Second Hand Car

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When buying a secondhand car, you can always get a good deal when you know which rules to follow. This post will explain the top 5 tips on buying second hand car to help you buy a good car at the best deal.

Second Hand Car

5 Tips On Buying Second Hand Car

Research The Market 

First, you will need to determine which car is most suitable for you and search for its features on the market, including seat capacity, car size, design, and car engine. 

You can search on to find which cars suit your expectations and preferences. You can also look through classified advertisements and print out automobile information from several dealerships. 

It is not advised to enter a dealership as a professional salesperson can easily persuade you into buying the car, stopping you from any chance of finding a better offer. 

Have a Financing Plan 

Prevent yourself from having a seller to make you overspend your spending plan to have your dream car. You can practice negotiating with the dealer with a range of prices. 

You will get more negotiation power when you suppress the number. You can also ask for examination and repairs cost from the dealer as a purchase of the car. 

In case the negotiation doesn’t go well, you can think about another way to finance yourself, such as an auto loan from a reliable credit union. 

You can look around in the market for a few references, and negotiate with potential lenders considering the car you want. 

Check The Car With Detail 

A reliable technician’s car inspection should be conducted as part of the purchasing procedure. You can thoroughly inspect the motor and body, but having a mechanic examine the automobile and perform several fundamental tests is a must. 

All original jack, spare wheel, tools, repair kit, and locking alloy wheel nuts should be under the boot floor. Some vehicles will also require sat nav discs or SD cards. These items can cost a lot to buy, so check for them. 

Moreover, ask the dealer for a Carfax report as it includes any previous injuries or other incidents that happened in the vehicle’s past.

Take A Test Drive

The most important stage in the buying process is probably testing out a used car on the road. Drive it under different conditions, including on the motorway and up and down slopes. When something seems odd, don’t be scared to leave.

Make Sure All Paperwork Is Checked

The paperwork might demotivate you, but it is important to protect all your rights. If you’re not going to check them out, there’s no point in placing any value on the stack of papers that comes with a secondhand car. 

Ensure the specified owner is selling the automobile from the location indicated on the V5C logbook before checking the chassis codes and logbook license when purchasing from an independent seller instead of a dealer.

Then you may review the invoices to verify possession and the termination of any finance arrangements and search for any disparities in the maintenance records. An HPI investigation will also assist in revealing any unpaid debt or secret history.

Which Website Is The Best For Buying A Secondhand Car?

Those who are well prepared from the top 5 tips above still need to know one key element: which website is excellent to rely on when buying a secondhand car.

We believe Philkotse is the best website to provide you with the best deal. The platform provides a huge database to allow visitors to get the latest and best promos to purchase a good car.  


Purchasing a used car can save you a good amount of money but still utilize the car’s performance and features just as new. 

However, it can be risky sometimes, so we’ll go through the top five tips on buying second hand car in this article to assist you in getting the greatest bargain on a reliable vehicle.

Apart from that if you want to know about second hand car then visit our finance page