Top 5 Best Men’s Jeans to Wear for Fit & Style

Men’s Jeans

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Looking for the best pair of men’s jeans can be quite exhausting because of the different body types that men have. Some have large thighs. Some have long and skinny legs. Because of the variety in size, it can be quite difficult to find the perfect jeans for men. But this does not mean that no brand can create jeans that will fit your body type. Here are our recommendations for men searching for the right brand of jeans to wear:

What Are Our Recommendations for a Mens Jeans?

Levis Jeans

A list will not be complete without Levi’s Jeans. This classic brand dates back to 1853 on the West coast as Levi Strauss & Co. was born. The brand is well-known because of the use of rivets at specific points to make the pants more durable. Thus, after the patent was granted in 1873, the blue jeans era began. 

One of the most famous Levi’s Jeans is the original 501. This type of jeans started to be sold in 1873. This style of jeans is straight-cut with a button-fly. Other styles are the 502 tapered, 510 skinny, 511 slim, and the 541 athletic tapers.

Bonobos Jeans

The notable founders of Bonobos are Andy Dunn and Brian Spaly. The brand is getting most of its sales through e-commerce. This brand creates upscale products and has partnered with other brands including Nordstrom. In 2017, it was purchased by Walmart.

The brand offers a wide array of slim-fit pants, travel jeans, stretch jeans, and downtime jeans. Compared to its competitors, the price point of most of its products are relatively cheaper. This makes Bonobos jeans a more suitable brand for those who want to wear a good pair of pants without spending too much money.

Calvin Klein Jeans

Another brand that has made a name for itself as a quality jeans manufacturer is Calvin Klein. It has expanded its line of products from just clothing to perfumes, timepieces, and even jewelry.

Calvin Klein may be seen as a luxury brand by some though the price point of its designer jeans just ranges from 90 to 120 dollars. It is still an affordable brand that offers great value for money for its line of denim jeans.

You know that from time to time you just need a little bit of high quality. Calvin Klein Jeans is a great upgrade for any person who’s looking for a better price with the same, if not better, quality as competitors

You can rock your pairs to work or on a night out – because these jeans are there through it all!

Amiri Jeans

Amiri is a popular brand that manufactures high-quality jeans for men. Founded by American fashion designer, Mike Amiri, the company has made products for rock artists and fashion icons worldwide. The brand is relatively young compared to its contemporaries. Nonetheless, Amiri jeans have proven to be worthy competitors in the market.

Men can choose from a variety of clothing lines from Amiri. Available types include thrasher jeans, marble jeans, painter jeans, flocked paisley bandana jeans, and fringe wire jeans. Amiri Jeans is a must-have if you are building a collection for personal use.

Uniqlo Jeans

From American designer companies, we now move to a well-liked jeans brand that originates from Japan. Formerly knowns as Unique Clothing Warehouse, Uniqlo now has established itself as a trusted brand in terms of producing trendy casual wear for men and women.

Men who want to dress down but still keep a fashionable look may want to wear selvedge slim-fit jeans or straight jeans from Uniqlo.


Jeans are appropriate to wear whether you are aiming for a casual or edgy look. A pair of jeans has always been the go-to garment if you just want to wear something to go somewhere without any fuss about your get-up. It can be worn with a shirt, a sports jacket, or even a blazer. Jeans pretty much go with everything and they can be used for almost all occasions. When it comes to the brand to wear, the decision lies in your comfort and budget. Choose the one that fits your lifestyle.

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