10 Reasons Why Denim Shorts Are Cooler Than Jeans

10 Reasons Why Denim Shorts Are Cooler Than Jeans

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The right denim shorts can be a versatile piece of your wardrobe and are a great way to bridge the gap between summer and fall. They’re comfortable, casual, and stylish—and they can even make wearing a shirt look cool again! Here are 5 reasons why we think denim shorts are cooler than jeans and why should you buy women denim shorts from Nobody Denim.

You don’t have to wear a belt with them

Belt-less pants may not sound like a big deal, but it’s actually a huge perk. You see, belts often get in the way when you’re trying to cram into your favorite pair of jeans that you’ve been wearing for years—you know which ones I’m talking about. And sometimes when you’re lounging around the house, you just want to take off the belt for comfort’s sake—but then what do you do with it? Chuck it in a drawer somewhere? It’s not like you can put it in the washing machine like your clothes when it gets dirty from their last use. But with shorts, you can just kick back and relax without worrying about whether or not you need to keep your pants up.

They’re more breathable. Anyone who wears jeans on hot summer days knows how uncomfortable they can be once they start getting wet.

They’re fun

Even though they are made from the same material as jeans, denim shorts are just not as serious as their long-legged counterparts. The word “shorts” itself is proof enough of that—there’s no way to say it without smiling at least a little bit. Denim shorts are great for those who want to show off their playful side.

They’re easy to make

If you own a pair of jeans and a pair of scissors, you can pretty easily make yourself some denim shorts! There are no real guidelines or measurements when it comes to making jean shorts, so you can customize them however you want: long or short, baggy or tight. You can even leave the hem fraying for a grunge look!

It’s not just about the weather

When you put on a pair of denim shorts, it makes you feel free to jump in that pool, take a run through the sprinklers, or dance in the rain. It’s about having the ability to be carefree and make those spontaneous summertime moments count.

Sure, jeans are comfortable too—but they feel like they’re hugging your body all day long (when really you just want to be hugged by your lover). Denim shorts give you more breathing room and flexibility—and when it’s hot outside, that’s essential.

Denim shorts are more versatile than jeans

You can wear your shorts with everything. You can dress them up or dress them down, white jeans are a lot more formal. Jeans can’t be worn to the beach like denim shorts, because they’re just too heavy and thick. You can also wear denim shorts with any kind of top, but jeans have to be matched to your outfit.

You can easily accessorize denim shorts

With a pair of jeans, you’re limited as to what you can accessorize it with, but with denim shorts, you can use pretty much anything. You can add a belt, a scarf, or even some jewelry and completely transform your outfit!

They’re better for hot weather

Jeans are made from heavy material that retains heat and won’t let your body breathe. They’re really uncomfortable during the warmer months, but when you wear denim shorts you won’t feel like you’re trapped in a furnace all day long!

They’re easy to style

There are going to be days when you don’t have time to put together a whole outfit, and that’s where denim shorts come in. The best part about them is that they can be worn with anything. Jeans are a little trickier because not every top goes well with them—some tops look better with jeans and some tops look better with shorts, but denim shorts will match up with nearly any top.

They’re great for summer

Denim shorts are the best for those hot summer days when you want to wear something casual but still look super cute and put together. Denim shorts have a cool vibe that makes you look like you belong in the summer heat, whereas jeans will make you look like you’re in the wrong season entirely.

They’ll always be trendy

No matter what season it is or what year it is, denim shorts will always be in style. There’s nothing more timeless than a good pair of jean shorts! Unlike other pieces of clothing (which go in and out of style), denim shorts will always be trendy no matter how long ago they were invented.

Denim shorts can be worn with anything, and they always look great with a pair of heels. They’re a versatile piece of clothing that can take you from fun-in-the-sun casual to beautiful-night-on-the-town chic.

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