Truth Behind 7 Myths about Adoption


Last Updated on March 6, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

While adopting a child in Georgia you’ll hear multiple things about the process that gets overwhelming. We have seen many people taking a step back due to these misconceptions. Therefore, to avoid it happening to you, we have shortlisted seven common myths and the actual truth behind them.

Let’s get started.

#1: Adoption Takes Several Years to Finalize

Truth: The adoption takes only several months. The timeframe to finalize the adoption depends on how quickly you’ll get the match. Meeting the general requirements of new Georgia adoption laws is essential when you want a quick adoption process. Furthermore, the time will also depend on the system you choose for adoption.

#2: Only People with No Kids Can Adopt

Truth: You don’t necessarily have to be childless to apply for kids for adoption in Georgia. Though some kids will indeed require all the attention of parents to adjust to the new environment. However, in some cases, experienced parents are the best thing for a child who’s getting adopted.

#3: The Kids for Adoption Are Not Healthy

Truth: Every child for adoption is unique. Some have health challenges, while others may be suffering from emotional or cognitive issues. But, in most cases, with the right education and training, these issues can be resolved. Furthermore, when you are adopting a child from the public system, they already are indulged in some counseling that helps their behavior after adoption.

#4: You Have To Be Rich to Adopt

Truth: As stated by Tom Tebeau, you don’t have to be rich for adopting. However, you should have enough resources to meet the basic needs of the child. Luckily, no threshold income is required to qualify for the adoption process. Even in some cases, there are subsidies available for the families wanting to adopt a child.

#5: The Birth Parent Is Always a Teenager

Truth: Shockingly, in reality, the birth mother is usually in their twenties, and mostly already parenting other children as well. They put their child for adoption if they are single and struggling. They do this to make sure their children will have a better life. So, it isn’t true that only teenage parent(s) put their kids for adoption.

#6: Biological Parents Can Take Their Kids Back

Truth: This is the first concern of adoptive parents while visiting an adoption attorney in Atlanta. However, there is no reality to it. Once the parenting right of the birth parent(s) has been terminated by the law, there is no way they can take back the custody.

#7: Foster Care Adoption Are Expensive

Truth: Many people believe adoption to be extremely expensive, especially if it is done through foster care. However, the truth is the complete opposite. Generally, foster care adoption in the US has zero cost. Furthermore, financial assistance is also provided to the families who adopt.

Adopt a Child in Georgia without Any Fear

There are countless myths about the adoption process that has become a barrier for people interested in adopting. Therefore, we always recommend consulting with the adoption professional and have a detailed meeting with them. This way you’ll know what to believe and which things are just a myth.