The Ultimate Guide to Owning a Timeshare With Hilton Grand Vacations

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Recent research shows that the global timeshare industry is currently worth over $23, 652 million, and still growing. So, it’s not surprising that big names like Disney and Hilton are on board with this type of vacation, too.

Everybody’s heard of Disney Vacation Club, but what does the Hilton group have to do with timeshare?

Are you curious about the world of timeshare as re-invented by one of these luxury brands? Here’s your guide to owning a timeshare with Hilton Grand Vacations.

About Hilton Grand Vacations

Since Conrad Hilton bought the first Hilton hotel in 1919, The Mobley Hotel in Cisco, the brand’s become synonymous with the travel industry. Today, the Hilton Group operates over 6,000 hotels worldwide.

As part of their mission to offer wide-ranging and appealing vacation options, Hilton branched out into the timeshare industry during 1992.

Since then, they’ve developed 55 properties and recently added another 99 options to their portfolio by acquiring Diamond Resorts International. From this, it’s clear that timeshare with Hilton is here to stay and is likely a safe bet for your future vacations.

How Does Vacation Ownership Work?

When you sign a timeshare contract, you pay a fixed fee upfront for the right to occupy a holiday property. Then you pay an annual fee that takes care of the upkeep of those resorts.

There are three main types of timeshare ownership options:

Fixed Timeshare Weeks

With a fixed timeshare, you pay for the use of a specific week, resort, and apartment. Unless you trade this week with an exchange organization, you’ll occupy this same vacation product each year.

Flexi Timeshare Weeks

Flexi timeshare ownership is less restrictive, but it usually only gives you access to weeks outside peak season. Using this model, you can occupy a similar size apartment during a limited time frame of the year.

Unless you book early, it’s sometimes challenging to get the exact dates you want.

Vacation Points Clubs

Vacation points clubs operate a portfolio of resorts. The club allocates a points value to each week and apartment type available to their members.

Members buy points according to their anticipated vacation needs, and they receive a fresh points allocation every year. They can save up their points for two years, or borrow from the following year if they want to enjoy a more ‘expensive’ vacation.

Hilton vacation ownership offers a bit of both.

How to Buy Timeshare With Hilton

There are two ways to embark on a lifetime of vacations with Hilton Grand Vacations. The first is by buying directly from them.

You’ll start by selecting a home resort from any one of HGV’s 54 options. You’ll receive a deeded interest in this week, and you can vacation there every year if you wish.

As part of your ownership package, you also receive access to the Hilton Grand Vacations Club. This means you can give up the occupation of your week in exchange for an appropriate allotment of points.

The Club bases your points allocation on the following aspects:

  • The popularity of your home resort
  • Apartment size and type
  • Time of year

You can use this points allotment to vacation at any of the HGV properties worldwide. So, consider your future and present vacation needs when choosing your home resort.

You’ll only get a nine-month booking window when you travel to a resort that isn’t your home resort, and you might find resorts in a more desirable season are more expensive-points wise.

Essentially, you could use your entire allocation to visit your home resort or enjoy more vacations at cheaper options during the year.

If you want to try a resort outside of Hilton’s portfolio, you can join RCI and space bank your week with them in exchange for something else.

The average cost of a home resort interest with Hilton Grand Vacations is $22,000, plus annual maintenance fees, and exchange fees.

Buying an HGV Resale Week

You can get your hands on an HVC timeshare membership for much cheaper when you go the resale route. That’s because Hilton resorts rarely buy a timeshare back from owners.

Sometimes, timeshare owners, desperate to sell their weeks due to financial circumstances, advertise their HGV weeks for very low prices.

The procedure is the same whether you buy your timeshare directly or via a reseller. You’ll have all the same exchange options and annual expenses as regular members, as well as points exchange options.

Member Benefits of HGV

Apart from all the vacation options available to HGV club members, you also get the following perks.

Member Services to Answer all Your Queries

Whatever your timeshare-related questions, there’s a chance HGV’s already answered it somewhere. The club website and member portals overflow with a wealth of information regarding how to maximize your membership.

HGV members also receive regular correspondence and updates on every aspect of their membership.

You can also book your next vacation, bank your points or week, and manage your account easily and securely online. If you need human assistance, dedicated operators are standing by to assist you over the phone.

Extra Adventures

Thanks to their long history in hospitality, Hilton’s forged great relationships with a host of leisure providers. Using these HGV Club Partner Perks, members gain preferential access to the following exciting extras:

  • Grand Adventures group tours
  • Adventure travel
  • Cruises
  • Guided tours from your resort
  • Houseboat and motorcycle hire
  • RV and yacht hire
  • City passes to top attractions

If you buy your weeks via a reseller, you will lose some of these HVC benefits.

The Hilton Club

Members can sign up for the Hilton Club to receive even more benefits when visiting urban resorts. These include access to owner’s lounges, enhanced Points conversions, membership to a rewards program, and exclusive reservation windows.

Hilton Honors

As a member of this club, you earn points every time you stay in a Hilton hotel or resort or when dining or shopping with a partner company.

You can convert these honors points into exclusive experiences like free nights, room upgrades, and discounts on shopping, entertainment, and dining.

Hilton Grand Vacations Destinations

You’ll have no problem finding the ideal vacation destination among HGV’s incredible selection of properties. HGV has resorts in all the following locations:

  • California
  • Chicago
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Las Vegas
  • New York
  • South Carolina
  • Utah
  • Washington DC

Plus a host of timeshare options in all the world’s most sought-after destinations. Hilton Grand Vacation Club resorts offer high-class standards of hospitality with all the perks of a timeshare.

Your apartment has a full kitchen for ease of catering, a dedicated parking space, and access to all the resort amenities. These might include luxurious swimming pools, beaches, golf courses, spas, and more.

All Hilton properties occupy sought-after spots surrounded by the most exciting activities in the area. Whether you love snowy peaks, endless beaches, or the big city lights, there’s an HGV resort to suit your vacation style.

How To Make the Most of Your HGV Membership

Thousands of happy members have mastered maximizing their timeshare ownership with the HGV club. These are the secrets to their ongoing enjoyment:

Book Early and Stay Flexible

If you’re set on traveling during a popular season, book as soon as the window for that time frame opens. Pick four or five locations that you like, and consider all your options when choosing a resort.

Should you need any assistance planning your ideal vacation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Hilton reservations hotline.

Deposit Your Weeks Early

If you’re planning to exchange your week, deposit it as soon as you can, preferably at least 61 days in advance of your home week. The later you deposit, the more you weaken your exchange value.

HGV has affiliations with RCI as well as San Francisco Exchange. These companies give members access to over 6,000 properties across the globe.

You can also book extra vacations for a nominal fee via these organizations.

Stay Up to Date

Keeping your maintenance fees current is a top priority. Late payments will lead to penalties.

Linx Legal is equipped to handle all of your timeshare cancellation needs.

What’s more, you can’t book any holidays if your fees are overdue, and you’ll receive restrictions on your Hilton Honors account.

Exploring Your Vacation Options

If you know how to make the most of it, a timeshare can deliver a host of vacation benefits and savings. What’s more, when you buy timeshare with Hilton Grand Vacations, you’re privy to all the convenience of timeshare vacations, backed by the Hilton guarantee of quality.

This is only one of the vacation options available to savvy travelers today, though. Browse our website for more tips on how to make the most of your life, whether you’re engaged in work or play.

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