Why is upgrading fluorescent tubes with LED tubes essential?

LED tubes

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As the world is continuously progressing the requirements of every space are growing. Lighting being one of the biggest requirements needs special consideration so it can regulate the pace of the activities carried out in any specific area. The traditional means of lighting in residential, commercial or industrial spaces have been fluorescent, halogen or other lamps. These lamps, even though they have lived up to certain standards, are now considerably inefficient and for several reasons. LED tubes were introduced almost two decades ago and were the biggest milestone in revolutionising the lighting industry. They transformed the outlook over conventional lighting with few specifics and are now the most favoured medium of lighting almost everywhere around the world.

What are LED tubes?

LED tubes were originally made to retrofit fluorescent tube lights in residential and commercial spaces. The retrofit design was convenient in a manner that it didn’t require the installation from scratch. The retrofit LED tubes were made to replace G5 and G13 bulb bases and were listed for safety under UL standard.

Accordingly there are three types of retrofit LED tubes:

UL Type A

UL Type A retrofit tubes are compatible with preexisting ballast and they do not require any additional modification in the fixture. They are easy to install and do not require much assistance. Although one major drawback is unforeseen malfunction of ballast which require frequent replacement due to difference in wattage.

UL type B

UL type B are newer modified kits which do not require ballast. These lights operate on line voltage and are more efficient than UL Type A. They carry a LED driver. Although they require technical assistance for installation they are longer lasting. UL Type B is usually a double ended tube which has live and neutral wires at either end, they are also commonly known as double ended LED tubes.

UL Type C

UL type C has been the most advanced version of retrofit LED tubes. They embody the function of innovative LED technology as they have their own powerful driver which can power up to 40 tubes. This tube allows control over lighting features to set the ambiance.

Further innovation led to a hybrid of UL Type A and B tubes which was much more efficient than these individual tubes. The hybrid has both features of A and B i.e they are ballast compatible and automatically switches over to main voltage once the ballast fails in any case. This saves up on replacement and management costs.

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Uses of LED tubes

LED tubes have a vast range of applications across different spheres. They are a common lighting application in household environments as well as commercially. There is a large variety of LED tubes available across the market which you can read about here. Their exceptional features make them sustainable and a preferred choice of fixture in every environment like:


In homes, LED tubes are common for ambient or general lighting in any room. They are easily customisable so they allow more ambient lighting which is considerably easy on the eyes and facilitate the usual requirements of lighting in any room. These lights are pairable with decorative light fixtures as well which just enhance the layout.


Offices require more lighting than residential spaces due to the nature of tasks carried out there. The environment is task oriented so the lighting must be bright and attune to the natural ambiance. It should be bright, boost productivity and must be easy on the eyes. LED tubes provide all these qualities and facilitate any business in the long run.


Schools have similar requirements to that of offices and the lighting must boost focus and productivity. The light from LED tubes is conveniently glowy which also makes them a good choice of fixtures in a learning environment as this kind of light is healthy and does not impact the health of any individual negatively.


Stores are also the number one consumer of LED tubes as their basic requirement. They require a lot of light to accommodate their customers well. Being a one stop space for many requirements the light must be bright, ambient and inviting for a comfortable experience. LED tubes are the main source of lighting in such spaces being super affordable as well as ambient.

Advantages of upgrading to LED tubes

There are several reasons why consumers are actively turning to LED tubes as their basic medium of lighting. Here’s a list of reasons why they are beneficial and preferably necessary:

–      Higher lumens

The LED technology is designed to produce more lumens at the expense of less energy. They cut down the energy usage by 75% in large commercial spaces. An easy way to gauge this is by looking at the wattage consumption and brightness levels of LED with traditional lighting.

–      Directional lighting

LED tubes provide directional lighting within a fixed beam angle. This feature makes them quite energy efficient as fluorescent tubes disperse the light in the surroundings which just dissipates before even reaching the point of illumination. A lot of energy goes to waste in this way, also producing a lot of heat in the surroundings. While t tubes have fixed coverage which is adjustable and saves a lot of energy.

–      Low maintenance

LED tubes do not require frequent maintenance like other lamps. They have a warranty period of around 5-8 years. The light fixture might require maintenance once in two years which is convenient as it does not disrupt any ongoing process.

–      Eco friendly

LED tubes were designed to be environment friendly. These lights work on green lighting technology and do not emit harmful radiation. It reduces carbon footprint as well. These lights do not flicker, produce irritating humming sounds and are also dimmable for ambience.

Overall, these lights encouraged the consumers to step up the lighting conditions within their spaces whichhas been quite beneficial on both economical and ecological levels. It is now a need of an hour to upgrade to state of the art equipment for basic lighting requirements which also have a positive impact on health of people.

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