6 Tips For Creating A Minimalist Home

Minimalist Home
Scandinavian style interior with sofa and coffe table. Empty wall mock up in minimalist interior. 3D illustration.

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Designing your home is a fun activity that you can either do alone, with your partner or with family. As you move into your new home or plan for a major redecoration, you might want to look for various interior designs that would match your lifestyle and taste. With that, you might come across designs such as industrial, traditional, modern, or minimalist. As you lean towards minimalism, you need to prepare yourself for lifestyle changes, especially if you enjoy keeping many things in your house. In designing a minimalist home, the main goal is to keep everything less and simple as possible. You should maximize open and blank spaces without making the room too empty. 

Moreover, listed below are the tips for creating a minimalist home: 

1. Declutter Right Away

You can’t keep everything you have in your home if you want a minimalist interior design. With that, you need to throw some of your belongings away and keep only what you need. However, this can be challenging especially if you like collecting items in your house. 

As you throw away your clutter, you should consider hiring a rubbish removal service like https://www.samedayrubbishremoval.com.au/ or other similar sites that can take your rubbish off your hands. This way, you can throw awayold furniture and appliances in your home and keep everything clean and clutter-free. 

When decluttering, ensure that you only save the things you use regularly and avoid keeping things you barely notice. If you wish to keep some of these items, you should store them inside a cabinet or any other hidden storage as long as they’re not visible. However, you need to ensure that you keep your items at a minimum as much as possible. 

2. Use A Neutral Shade

Despite allowing only a few pieces of furniture and items inside your home, if you use a variation of colors on the walls and furniture, you might not be able to achieve a minimalistic-looking home. With that, you should try to incorporate a neutral shade, such as white, gray, wood brown, and black. You can choose to add a few accent colors if you’d still like to give your home a small pop of color.

When adding colors in your home, you should apply the 60-30-10 rule wherein you use 60% for the primary color, 30% for the secondary color, and 10% for the accent color. This will help create a perfect balance and avoid making your home too dark or bright to your liking. 

3. Replace Bulky Furniture

You can achieve a minimalist home by not usingbulky furniture that can take up too much space. While they might look comfortable and luxurious, you should replace them with something more minimalist and compact. You might need a service like Ridly furniture removal to pick up and remove the bulky furniture before you can install your minimalist furniture.

For your sofa, you should consider using ones with a wooden armrest rather than a bulky cushioned material. This way, you can use the colors to highlight your living room without making it look overcrowded. You can also change your cushioned headboards and switch to something with a lighter material for a minimalist bedroom

6 Basic Tips For Creating A Minimalist Home - Readesh
Bright contemporary waiting room interior with wooden sideboard, comfortable red armchair on oak wooden parquet floor. Minimalist Scandinavian design. Mock up. 3d rendering

4. Use Light Curtains

For your window treatments, you can emphasize minimalism by using light and sheer curtains. While they might not completely aid with blocking out any light and providing maximum privacy, they can make the room light and airy, which is one of the most common characteristics of a minimalist home. 

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While using white colors for your sheer curtains are common, you might want to consider experimenting with other colors such as light gray and brown to give your room a little depth. 

5. Maximize Storage

Even if you’re keeping few items in your home, you should try your best to hide them as much as possible. This way, the room will look neat and clutter-free. 

You can begin by installing wall or kitchen cabinets that match the color of your wall for a seamless look. You can also hide the handles by using a push-to-open mechanism for sleekness. For your open shelves, you should purchase containers in secondary colors and put some of your items inside. Through this, you won’t have to display every item you have but rather keep it organized in containers. 

6. Limit Extra Decorations

The purpose of a minimalist home is to keep everything at a minimum. With that, you should avoid adding extra decorations, which could ruin your goal. This includes removing wall paintings, shelf decorations, centerpieces, and even large indoor plants. 

If you’d like to add a few designs inside your home, you should consider having furniture that can also work as a decoration. You can add a wall shelf that can add beauty to your room and double as storage. You can also include a workstation using neat-looking furniture, allowing you to have an organized workplace while making your room less empty and plain. 


Achieving a minimalist home may not be for everyone, especially since some people may find it challenging to get rid of their things. However, if you’re planning to make a huge lifestyle change, going minimalist would be helpful. Not only can it keep your whole house neat and clean, but it can also help you save money as you don’t need to purchase plenty of decorations and other unnecessary add-ons. 

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