Role Of Pictures And Video Surveillance In A Car Accident?

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Last Updated on February 6, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

Thinking and acting quickly in a car accident may not always be possible. However, in a road accident, gathering evidence of the other driver’s negligence is key to getting compensation for your damages. The best way to collect evidence is by taking pictures of the accident and gathering video footage if any. 

Pictures and videos are vital in car accident cases. You can use them to determine which party was at fault, which driver was negligent, or any traffic violations. If you need help understanding your rights after a car accident,you can contact car accident attorneys Los Angeles. 

Importance Of Photos and Videos In A Car Accident

Photographic evidence is one of the most vital types of proof in a car accident claim. Here are a few reasons why photos and videos are crucial to make or break a claim. 

  1. If your insurance company assumes you are lying about the accident, you can show them the pictures and videos of the accident and your injuries. 
  2. You can use digital evidence in court to determine which party was at fault or if both parties are liable. 
  3. If the at-fault driver denies the accident, you can prove them wrong.

Tips For Gathering Digital Evidence


Take pictures at the accident site. Taking many photos at once will help you uncover information when you or your lawyer review them later. Take photographs of all objects and people present at the site. It may include people at the scene, your car, tires, broken windows, inside of your vehicle, police officers, traffic signs, surrounding shops, etc. Also, try taking photos from multiple angles. Do not just stand in one place.

Another critical piece of evidence is your injuries. Capturing your injuries when they are fresh will help the insurance company to understand the extent of the accident. 

Remember to take photos as soon as you can. If not possible, ask your friends, family, your attorney, or other people standing at the site to click some for you. 


Although traffic cameras are a good source of evidence, they are not constantly recording road footage. Most traffic cameras stream the live footage to the Department Of Transportation instead of recording it. However, many shops and businesses have set up cameras at their entrance to watch out for shoplifters. You may also find footage from cameras outside ATMs. These are small cameras angled towards the road that can record a collision. 

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