What are the steps to find a tutoring job?

What are the steps to find a tutoring job?

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Tutoring offers a bright career! The teachers can do the noble work of educating society and earn a decent amount at the same time. But, if someone is just getting started with tutoring, finding tutoring jobs is a little difficult. There is a lot of confusion in the minds of job seekers. For example, should they go with a tuition company or get connected with the learners on their own, etc. Below is a step-by-step guide that will eliminate those confusions and assist you to find suitable tutoring jobs. So, let’s get started with it.

Steps For Getting Tutoring Jobs

Make A Good Resume

Whether you want to work with a tutoring agency or teach on your own, a good resume is a must in both scenarios. The resume should be clear and concise. In addition, make sure to highlight the experience and academic background. Furthermore, if you have previous teaching experience, incorporate references from the clients you have taught in the past.

Decide The Subjects

Tutoring Companies and clients need information about the subjects which you are going to teach. Firstly, gain clarity about the subjects you want to go with. After that, organize your portfolio and be specific about the expertise level, learner’s age group, course name, etc. In addition, mention other skills such as a foreign- language, relevant certifications, time management skills, etc.

Assess How Much You Want To Charge

Tutoring fees depend upon multiple factors. Firstly, tutors having advanced-level degrees and certifications are paid more. Secondly, maths and science tutors get good payment rates in comparison to other subjects. Thirdly, and most importantly, analyze the tutoring rates of existing educators in the area. It will provide a good estimate of how much you should charge.

Get Certified

Getting a professional certification in tutoring increases the payment rate. In addition, it makes the tutor stand out as a skilled professional teacher. You can research and find out the different tutoring associations and other organizations that offer certification programs for educators.

Promotion And Marketing

Be Active On Social Media

Almost everyone uses social media nowadays in one way or another. Therefore, they provide a good platform for the tutors for their promotion. To get the relevant clients, make sure the content of your posts is focused on education and tutoring. In addition, organize special events and contests and offer occasional discounts on your tuition packages to the audience.

Make Your Website

A dedicated website gives a more professional touch to the tutor’s portfolio. Especially, for educators who don’t want to work with an agency, a website is a must. Try to keep the website simple and fully informative. In addition, provide important details such as your resume, contact information, testimonials, etc. Furthermore, make sure that the website is appealing and interactive.

Participate In Community Events

Different social events such as education fairs, festivals, exhibitions provide a good promotion opportunity to the tutors. Try to get involved in different school events for marketing your services. As students are likely to present there with their guardians, the educator can communicate to those who are looking for a tutor. In addition, make sure to carry the business cards or brochures so that you can hand them over to potential clients if required.

Word Of Mouth

Word of mouth is an effective way of promoting tutoring services because it is free and almost effortless. The educators have to make sure that they deliver good work to the clients. As a result, they refer the tutor to their family and social circle automatically. However, you can also request students or their parents to provide a reference and add those to the website or social media.

Find A Tutoring Position

Tutoring Agencies

These organizations offer the tutor exposure to a large number of students. Additionally, these firms provide opportunities to both online and face-to-face educators. Furthermore, the agency filters the clients according to the location and matches the most relevant ones with the tutor. However, the teacher has to undergo various checks and verifications to get started with these agencies.

Schools And Colleges In Your Locality

Many educational institutes also hire expert teachers in different subjects. They provide a good opportunity for the educator to learn more as they get exposure to different types of students. Although generally, these positions are advertised through the institute’s official website. Additionally, you can also contact the respective human resource official through a campus visit or via email. 

Start Your Own Business

If someone’s preference is to work independently without the influence of any company, they can set up their business. Owning a business comes with a lot of benefits. One of them is that the tutors don’t have to share their profits with anyone else. Because most tutoring companies take a part of the educator’s revenue as their commission. 


Most tutors find it hard to find clients at an initial level. The major reasons behind that are insufficient preparation, improper promotions, and lack of exposure. After going through the above guide, you can avoid these problems and easily get relevant tutoring assignments. However, a tuition agency is the most suitable option for beginners as it provides them with enough exposure and opportunities.