What Is SEO Title

What Is SEO Title

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An SEO Title can also be known as a title tag and it’s what tells the website visitors about what they will be getting from the website page in the shortest way possible. An SEO title will be showing up in the SERPs, and so it’s one of the factors that may determine how a web page ranks. The title tag must be able to attract website visitors and make them click your content through SERP. Creating a perfect SEO title is among the SEO expert jobs because of its complexity. Any mistake that you commit affects your ranking adversely.

You should know that first impressions always matter and this also applies to every title of content that is posted online. Your title tag is the first thing that a person will see while searching online, and you should create it in a manner that helps you to create that first impression that the visitors yearn for online.

With an SEO title, you can leverage your brands and make them trusted more by the users. If you have built a name and become a household brand, you should always ensure that your brand name is visible in your title tags. Also, remember that Google will be using the contents of your title tag to figure out what your page is all about. That is why there is a correlation between usage of keywords in ranking as well as in title tags.

Rules when creating an SEO Title

1. Restrict your SEO title to a maximum of 60 characters

Google normally starts to cut off SEO titles or title tags when the number of characters goes beyond 60. Well, this is based on pixels for most of the time. However, it’s best to maintain your title at between 50 and 60 characters.

2. Your SEO title should never be in ALL CAPS

Also, all caps are not the best practice while creating SEO titles. If you check, there is no all caps page that has ever ranked on the first page of Google, or anywhere else for that matter.

3. Most of the words in your title should be capitalized

Regarding the title case, you should ensure that the first letter of most of the words is capitalized. If you feel that you cannot do that manually, there is an SEO tool that you can use to convert anything that you have written into a title case. Also, make sure that the first word of a sentence is capitalized because if this is a ranking factor, you need to care.

4. Write a title for humans, not bots

You should first write your SEO title for human readers and not purposely for ranking purposes. It should read and sound natural. Also, ensure that you avoid the use of letters and numbers that may appear unnatural.

5. Ensure that your titles have unique tags

No matter what the situation is, you should ensure that your title has unique title tags. Every time that you have a duplicate tag negates your SEO effort.