What to Consider When Buying a Gun?

What to Consider When Buying a Gun?
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Did you know the firearm and ammunition industry was responsible for a $63.49 billion total economic impact in 2020? In addition, 2020 was a 65% increase from the previous year, creating a record high for gun sales and background checks across the U.S., with almost 23 million sold. 

Any buyers’ guide will tell you gun sales and prices are on the rise. It can be challenging to get a hold of one these days. Some stores have many firearms out of stock and don’t know when the weapons will be returned to their shelves. 

There are still various companies working hard to get the perfect gun in your hands to fit your needs. Some are even doing fun giveaways! So if this is your first time buying a weapon, we have your back. 

Read on for an in-depth weapon owners’ guide! 

Choose Your Weapon

First, do some research on the weapon that would best suit your needs. Are you going hunting? Do you need it for protection in your home or on your person? 

Many stores have guns on display in their glass store cases for you to observe. You then have the ability to see them without actually touching them. However, you have the option to do so with the help of the store attendant. 

Some stores have their guns on display with anti-theft locks on them so you can walk through and handle every one of them. With the list of your particular needs, find the area with the best fit for you, and be sure to handle it. Find 80 lowers to complete your next firearm at 80percentarms.com

It is important to handle the weapon before purchasing it to know how it feels in your hands. If it doesn’t feel comfortable in some way, keep searching. 

Once you find the one that feels the best and is the best fit for your budget, begin the process of purchasing with the attendant. Depending on where you are located, you may have a waiting period for background check purposes or other safety laws that are in place. 

Check your local listings for gun giveaways, too. You never know what you will find!

Safety First

Now that you have chosen your new weapon, it is important to be responsible for your weapon. Putting safety first even under pressure is vital and could mean the difference between life and death for you or others around you. 

Aim With Caution 

Know beyond a shadow of a doubt who or what your target is. Never point your weapon towards someone or something without first considering who or what is beyond that target. Reposition yourself if your target is in a position that could bring harm behind it. 

Don’t Be Trigger Happy

When handling your new weapon, be sure to keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. Practicing without your finger on the trigger will be major accidental fire prevention for you.

Load When Ready

It will be tempting to keep a bullet in the chamber. However, one of the biggest weapon safety rules is to avoid this until you are ready to fire. 

Clear your weapon before cleaning it as well. Regular maintenance is key to keeping the gun from misfiring. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Be sure to practice with it at a shooting range for sure. However, practice doesn’t end there. 

If you are carrying the weapon for protection, practice pulling the weapon out and aiming at a specific target. The more you do this, the more it will feel like second nature when high stress and pressure are involved. 

Be very robotic with keeping a routine with your new weapon. When you have finished your day, make sure you don’t leave your weapon lying around somewhere. It needs to have a place you return it to for the safety of others and the strategy of protection should the occasion arise. 

Best Buyers’ Guide for You

When deciding on a new weapon, research what best fits your needs. Be sure to follow the safety guidelines we have provided to keep you and others safe. Keep practicing a good routine with your new weapon to create the best weapon safety in your home. 

For more information like this buyers’ guide, keep coming back to visit our blog. We are always updating it with you in mind! 

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