How to train safely with a gun

How to train safely with a gun

Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Umer Malik

“Damn it, no more ammunition left in the store.” I am sure this statement has been said hundreds of thousands of times if not even millions by Americans who simply just want to practice their right. Especially with covid slowing down the production of ammunition, and demand being at an all time high, it can definitely make any American turn their head just by looking at the sheer price of Ammunition in America.

Believe me, every time I see the price of ammunition today, I feel like throwing up. However, when it comes to shooting a firearm it’s not only about shooting for fun, but to become a better marksman. Moreover, one of the best training for any marksman is not even shooting but practicing with a firearm, also known as Dry Fire Training. Dry Fire Training will affect firearm owners by teaching new firearms owners the safest way to operate firearms and will help develop regular firearm owners to better marksmen. One main way Dry Fire Training will affect firearm owners is by teaching new owners the safest way to operate firearms. Everyone knows the 4 main rules of dry fire training or even any firearm training is to always treat every firearm if it is loaded, point the firearm in the right direction at all times, finger off the trigger till needed to use, and be sure of your target and what’s behind or beyond it. Even though experienced shooters know this, new ones do not.

Moreover, dry fire training can also help duck hunters prepare for their hunting trips by allowing them to practice their aim and shooting technique with different shotgun loads for duck hunting, without having to spend money on ammunition.

Along with it, Dry fire training will give new shooters the ability to shoot without anything in the chamber. Hence it will give confidence and knowledgeability when the new shooter is about to shoot. Another way Dry Fire training will affect firearm owners is by helping existing shooters to become better marksmen. Top level shooters from the olympics to shooters who compete in speed trials say that practicing helps to increase speed on draw, which is crucial as we, as Americans who do not have private security, will have to defend for ourselves for when the time may come, and being able to get your firearm out as fast as possible could literally mean the difference between life and death. Even though a lot of people are against dry firing due to the damage the primer does to the back, it can easily be fixed with dummy rounds and other innovations that have been created for better firearm safety. Including famous youtubers and expert marksman like Hickok45 has recommended it and he practices what he preaches as in his videos he still practices dry fire training when he clears his weapon.

Even though damage could possibly be done to your firearm, it will not come to you if you were to practice safe training like dry fire training to help with safety knowledge and learning to draw your firearm faster. Truly in the long run it will help many firearm owners become more responsible and continue to teach young kids on the greatness of firearms.

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