What to give for Christmas and who to give it to: a guide to etiquette

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Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Umer Malik

The Christmas holidays bring many wonderful memories: gatherings with family and friends, feasts, and gift exchanges. The latter can be stressful because selecting a gift is difficult, especially if you are on a limited budget. So you don’t have to sweat, We have gathered a few recommendations on how to choose and then who needs to give gifts on this christmas.

Hairdresser or beautician

Often we share with the hairdresser the details of our personal life and talk a lot on different topics, turning into real friends. If it so happened, then you most likely know what gift would be useful to her or him, because they could mention that something is broken or they want something. This is a small but useful personalized gift. The same goes for the bartender at your favorite bar if you hang out with him a lot.

Housekeeper or gardener

Gifts to a housekeeper or nanny are self-evident norms of courtesy because they can become practically family members. Your gardener or the person who clears snow from your yard, on the other hand, may not appear to be as near to you because they are never inside the house.

The finest gift for people who help with cleaning is money: a weekly or monthly income, which gives them the freedom to pick what they want.

You should include a card expressing your gratitude and expressing how much you appreciate their financial assistance.


If you did not learn of any personal gifts that may be given during your discussion, it would be okay to simply leave an additional “Christmas” tip.

This should only be done if you visit a bar or a hairdresser during the months of December and January; you should not go there specifically to deliver a gift.

Boss and colleagues

The rules for giving gifts in the office differ from company to company. If this is your first Christmas in a particular organization, check with your coworkers if gifts are exchanged between employees and what these gifts might be.

In any case, gifts to colleagues should not be personal, but professional. However, if your relation with your colleagues is more like brothers than you can give them personal gifts as well like A pen or a sharpstone grinder. if they are enthusiast then they surely need it.

People who will look after your children

People who look after your children are almost certainly already on your list, and you intend to offer them wonderful gifts because they are involved in the most important thing in your life. In this situation, a handmade item for the home or something relevant to a nanny or teacher’s vocation would be a nice choice.

A double present, consisting of a lovely little thing from your child and a more serious gift from you, is also a nice alternative.

Keep in mind that not all instructors will accept money or gift cards as a present, so verify ahead of time if you want to give them something like this.

Medical specialists

It is not always permissible to give money to people of certain professions. These include physicians. A gift for a doctor should not be very valuable and not very personal. For example, a Christmas tree toy or a medical cup.