Which Architect Is Right For You?


Last Updated on March 30, 2024 by Umer Malik

When you invest in a project, you should hire the right architect who can guide and assist you throughout the process. Though there can be a massive list of architects when you start searching for them, selecting the right one can benefit your project. The Aome Architects in Seattle can provide you with the necessary guidance for your project.

Residential Architects Vs. Commercial Architects:

There are differences between residential and commercial architects. Some of the differentiating factors are

  • Financing- The fund for the residential building can come from cash, bank loans, insurance loans, non-profit agencies, or the Government. Homeowners can look for cost-effective projects and use timber framing instead of steel framing. Though high-end residential projects can include steel framing in the structure, generally, residential architects look for cost-effective methods. Commercial construction projects are different as the funding comes from the corporation with bank funding, a wealthy developer, or a Government agency.
  • Specialized Skills- For residential projects, specialized technical skills are required by the architects. Homeowners may customize some DIY elements with the residential projects, requiring specialized skills. But then, commercial architects provide industrial-scale equipment and seldom require technical skills.
  • Building standards- The building standards that residential architects follow are more structured and easier compared to commercial buildings. The costs involved in residential projects are also small compared to commercial projects.
  • Safety Codes- Aome architects in Seattle can provide you with the required safety codes for residential and commercial projects. Multifamily complexes, condominiums, and residential homes may have specific requirements. Safety codes are generally required for electrical panels, staircases, attics, and plumbing systems. Commercial architects need to maintain safety standards on a large scale. The quotes can be customized for commercial architects. If you carefully review the quotes, the architects can deliver the orders directly to your job site.

From Design To Project Completion:

The process from the first design stage to the completion of the project includes different steps. Here are the steps.

  • Consultation- Design consultants can sit with you and discuss the initial discussion of your project. You should communicate your ideas and ask questions to clear all your doubts. The consultants can take pictures of your existing space when you are going for a remodel.
  • Plans- After the consultation, the plans can be created with the help of the architects. Depending on the pictures and notes, the designers can produce drawings with the floor plans. They can work on your specified functional details and your preferred style.
  • Drawings and Layouts can help to turn your imagination to make a reality.
  • The Budget needs to be fixed before the construction.
  • Proposal meetings and contracts should be followed.
  • Demolition of the old existing building
  • Construction of a new building.


Aome Architects in Seattlecan guide you throughout the entire planning and construction process. Various steps are involved, from design to project completion, and the architects can guide you through them. The Budget needs to be fixed according to the affordability of the homeowner.