Why you should consider unicorn cupcakes

Why you should consider unicorn cupcakes

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Unicorn cupcakes in Singapore are becoming more and more popular in the past year. Unicorn themed food such as unicorn ice cream, unicorn grilled cheese and unicorn doughnuts are wildly sought after by both adults and children alike. Even though it’s just a trend, many people will still buy them because they look so cute! If you’re wondering where to get some unicorn cupcakes in Singapore. Here are some places!

1. 7 Leaves Cafe at Ten Square, Orchard Road

7 leaves cafe is a lovely little place on level 4 of the 10 square shopping mall. Unicorn cupcakes in Singapore taste as good as they look! Their cupcakes come in an assortment of different flavours like lavender, hibiscus and matcha green tea. They also have unicorn hot chocolates too for those who want to drink their unicorn. If you’re wondering if their treats really do look like unicorns… See for yourself!

2. Cookies & Cups – OUE Downtown Gallery (formerly known as Haji Lane)

This small dessert cafe is located along haji lane (there’s another branch located at Parkway Parade). Unikkoekcake, which is Cookies & Cups‘ sister brand under the same umbrella of companies.

Their version of unicorn cupcakes in Singapore are beautifully decorated with flower petals on top of the vanilla cream frosting! The colours match perfectly with one another, and they taste as good as they look too! They even have a menu that comes in 4 different designs for you to choose from.

3. Meiji Japanese Cafe at Japan House (Marina Square)

If unicorns were real, I’m sure that they would eat Meiji’s unicorn latte! With this unique drink, you can definitely enjoy your trip to Japan without actually going to Japan. This drink is only available at their standalone cafe (Japan house). It’s a lovely little place, and you can even purchase little Japanese souvenirs there too.

4. Taiyaki Singapore

Taiyaki is a traditional Japanese fish-shaped cake that has been around since the Edo period. It’s made from soft, spongy cake batter usually filled with red bean paste which gives it such an interesting texture! Not only do they have regular teriyaki, but they also have unicorn ones too! Taiyaki means “baked sea bream” in Japanese, so this dish was actually named after its shape and not how it tasted like… But I’m pretty sure that no one’s complaining about their pastries tasting like fish. It is a traditional pastry, after all!

5. Long Phung Bakery at City Square Mall

This place is so unassuming, and I honestly had no idea that they sell unicorn cupcakes until one of my friends recommended it to me! They have many different kinds of flavours such as green tea, red bean and chocolate ganache, just to name a few. The whole cake looks very pretty, especially if you’re fond of bright colours. Each slice has three layers of sponge cake with cream in between each layer which makes the cakes light and fluffy. A lot of work obviously went into making these cupcakes look this good on the inside too… Because they also taste really delicious too!