Why your garden needs a grow light

Why your garden needs a grow light

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The last century has been a period of major scientific developments. LED is one of them. LED or light emitting diode refers to an electronic light source. It was invented in Russia sometime in the 1920s by Oleg Vladimirovich Losev, who was a radio technician. Losev found the diode used in radio receivers to emit light as current was passed through them. Inthe year 1927, the details of the first LED were published by him in a Russian Journal.

Later on, the system was introduced in America in the form of a practical electronic component in the year 1962. All the early devices used to emit low intensity red light. However, modern LED grow light devices are available with visible, ultraviolet as well as infrared wavelengths, and carry very high brightness. Some fantastic LED groth light are made by QUX website, which you must try for your indoor plants.

In current times, the LED technology is used in a variety of appliances. As a matter of fact, it is now even used for the purpose of gardening. LED lights are used as a subtitle for natural light of the sun. For this a grow light is put to use. A grow light refer to an electric lamp. Which is designed for promoting plant by the way of emitting an electromagnetic spectrum. Which is appropriate for photosynthesis. This light spectrum resembles the light of the sun which allows indoor growth of the plants. Now, since natural daylight carriers a high color temperature and appears bluish in color, therefore color rendering index, is used for getting the bluish appearance.

As is is different spectrums are used during different stages of growth of a plant. So, in the initial stages of vegetation, a blue spectrum of light of different color spectrums specifically for different stages of vegetation , or you may buy a full spectrum bulb which can be used during all the stages of growth.

These lights are generally along with a reflector, for controlling, as well as intensifying the light emission. It also includes electrical ballast for controlling the current. This is required due to the high intensity, which is necessary for producing something similar to sunlight.

In case you are looking for your indoor garden, then in that case, led grow lights, is by far as one of the best places to visit. So, whether you are a home growing hobbyist or a commercial grower you get a wide range if LEd light to suit your specific needs. Also the lights featured in this site offer you alot in term of cost effectiveness, as well as energy efficiency. Perhaps this is a major reason as to why this site enjoys such a high level of popularity.

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