How women can pair-up their engagement ring with other jewellery?

Engagement rings

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So the wedding date has been decided. You’re on your toes making arrangements, running around trying to get everything to be as perfect as you want. Your dress is ready, the venue is amazing and your partner has already selected a beautiful engagement ring for you which looks absolutely stunning on your finger. But what about the rest of your jewellery? Brides today want everything to be picture-perfect for their big day. This includes jeweller too. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your jewellery matched with your engagement ring? No questions about the fact that you’re going to look stunning on big day, but pairing up your Lab grown diamond engagement rings with the other pieces of jewellery will only add to the beauty. So here’s how you can select things that match well.

Basic tips to match jewellery

  • Does your engagement ring has a diamond or not? If it is does, then you can peacefully go for diamond or other similar studded jewellery.
  • If the ring is only of metal, say gold for example. If it is just a simple golden band, then golden jewellery will look much better.
  • If the ring is of platinum, white gold or silver in colour, then you need to select jewellery of the matching colour as well. White gold jewellery will go beautifully with it.
  • If your ring has a coloured diamond, then only go for coloured jewellery if the colour is a subtle one. Some women who like bright colours have deep coloured diamonds. Such darkly coloured jewellery will overpower your dress.

Jewellery based on ring designs

Engagement rings come in a huge variety, from big to small, delicate to flashy. You need to first know which category your ring comes under to be able to buy matching jewellery for it.

  • Flashy rings – If you have a flashy ring with a big and prominent stone that is very easily noticed on your finger, then go for big and droopy earrings as well. Gorgeous diamond drop-downs will suit well. And then you don’t have to wear a necklace because the earrings will make the face look complete. You could pair it up with a similar studded bracelet on the right hand as well.
  • Delicate rings – Some women have really delicate engagement rings that are barely noticeable until you are focussing on their hands. In this case, the other jewellery pieces will have to be prominent otherwise you’ll end up looking very casual for your big day. Opt for a chunky neckpiece then to enhance your dress and look. If the necklace is chunky, then you’ll have to go for comparatively smaller earring to compliment the necklace, at the same time match the delicate ring on the finger.

The most important tip to remember is not to overdo and this goes for absolutely any look you decide on. The simpler it is, the better and more elegant it looks. Make sure the jewellery designs are trendy and in fashion for the time. You can find amazing designs on various catalogues online with Lab grown diamonds UK as well in famous brand stores. They’ll have you looking like a snack on your big day and will make your partner fall all the more in love.

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