4 Key Questions to Ask a Potential Personal Injury Lawyer in Florida

Personal Injury Lawyer

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Seeking compensation for your injuries, damages, and other losses following a serious accident might be difficult. Because of that, it will be best to hire personal injury lawyer in Florida to protect your rights and represent your interest.

Filing a lawsuit without consulting a Spring Hill personal injury lawyer is also not advisable. And before you hire any attorney to handle your personal injury case, the following are questions you need to ask:

1. Have You Handled a Case Similar to Mine Before?

Expertise and experience are important if you get involved with anything legal. The same way you don’t want an electrician to help you fix your shower must be the same way you wouldn’t want to work with a real estate lawyer who dabbles with personal injury law to deal with a car accident case.

It is imperative to ensure your attorney has many years of experience dealing with similar cases. In addition, you want to ascertain that your attorney has a proven track record.

Although winning many cases can’t be the only important indicator, stronger winning records might show that an attorney is knowledgeable, tough, and dedicated enough to handle your case.

2. What Will You Charge for the Services?

Many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means you won’t find it necessary to pay anything unless you’re looking to recover financial damages in your lawsuit.

You won’t pay any legal fees upfront in the contingency fee agreement. Rather, your attorney may take a fixed amount of payment you will be awarded if the case gets resolved.

It is best to ask what the percentage is. In many cases, the contingency percentage may range from 20% to 40%.

3. Which Niche Have You Specialized In?

There are about 20 different law fields, and each is unique. From tax law to constitutional law, many states are constantly in flux. If you have plans to hire an attorney, you might want to ensure you go for one who specializes in your case.

It will be best to look for a good personal injury lawyer for this situation. You might niche down even further to look for an attorney who specializes in your kind of situation.

For instance, most attorneys concentrate only on auto accidents, while others deal with slip & fall accidents.

4. What is Your Experience?

This might be one of the most vital questions you must ask a potential personal injury attorney. However, just asking about an attorney’s experience can’t get you far.

You must be specific and ask if they can tell you about your success stories, how many times they lost a case, and why.

Concluding Remarks!

When hiring a personal injury attorney, it will be best to ask important questions. Be sure to come up with a list of your curiosities about the legal issues, and ask your attorney what kind of advice he/she might offer you.

Besides, personal injury attorneys are accustomed to getting questions of all kinds. So you shouldn’t hesitate to ask what is on your mind.

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