5 Ant Prevention Tips for 2023

5 Ant Prevention Tips for 2023

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Ants can be a big nuisance in the home because they are social insects, meaning there are a lot of individuals in each ant colony. Some species of ants like Carpenter ants even destroy wooden structures while making their nests. Other ants will feast on various food items in the home. Knowing how to prevent and controls ants is important because these insects can become a major pest in a short period of time. This is the reason we have decided to provide you with our top 5 ant prevention tips for 2023. Read on to learn more.

  1. Clean up spilled food 

One of the biggest causes of ant problems in the home is spilled food. If you spill sugar or other food items, then you should not be surprised when you find ants feasting on the bits of food. Ants are attracted by various substances and once one ant finds the food, it will lay down a chemical trail that attracts hundreds more ants to the food source.

  1. Fix water leaks

Ants, like other animals, are attracted by moisture so you can expect to find them near damp areas. This is another reason kitchens are popular with ants. You may also find ants in the bathroom near dripping faucets. It is always a good idea to fix water leaks anyway because it also attracts other insects like cockroaches.

  1. Check for and seal off entry points

Ants are tiny and can easily enter through gaps under doors or around pipes and windows. Ants can even enter through spaces between the roof and ceiling. It is essential that gaps are closed off. Weatherproofing around windows and doors should be checked to ensure a proper seal is in place. 

  1. Properly store food and drinks

All food and beverages need to be kept in properly sealed containers. Ants and other insect pests very quickly find their way into open containers. Use proper plastic or glass containers that close completely or, in the case of foods, you can use plastic bags but these need to be completely sealed. For long term storage, plastic bags are not a good idea because other pests can chew through the bags and still get to your food.

  1. Clean and inspect the kitchen often

Kitchens quickly become dirty and need to be cleaned regularly to keep pests out but also to maintain proper levels of hygiene to avoid illness. Sweep and mop floors often and clean all dishes every day. Also make sure to clean all surfaces properly so no sticky substances are left behind. Cleaning often also means that you will notice right away if there are any insect pests, including ants present. Carefully inspect the kitchen, including looking in corners and drawers to see if there are ants or any other pest present.

Ants are a problem insect in many homes where they are attracted to moisture and food. Using our tips can help prevent an ant problem in your home.

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