6 Best Free Grammar Checker 2023


Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Umer Malik

A single mistake could do a lot of damage to the hours you’ve worked. Smart writers like you should use grammar check software to make sure your content is clear and easy to read. In 2022, do you want to know which of the best and free grammar checkers you can use? Please read through. Need to have tools that can help you point out some mistakes, Free Proofreading tool in your articles, emails, and reports and give them a clean look.

There are programmes that can help you with grammar.

There are many programmes that can help you check your writing for bad punctuation, spelling mistakes, and grammatical irregularities.

  • These grammar check tools have dictionaries built in and use mostly artificial intelligence.
  • It is because of the AI that they can tell them to use passive voice, repeat words, misspell words, and more.
  • You should use more than one grammar check tool to make sure your articles meet the standards of a great one.


A lot of people use this to make sure their writing is correct, and it’s one of the best. When you use this tool, you can see if there are mistakes in spelling or if prepositions are mixed up. The plugin can be added to Google Chrome, Word, and Outlook.

It lets you check 100,000 characters at a time, so you can do it quickly. There are a lot of things that Grammarly will check for when you use it. These include things like accuracy, Free Proofreading tool, clarity and engagement. When you use a text editor-like interface, you can easily make your text bold and italic as well as add heading tags and other things.

You can also try this best Grammarly alternative.


One of the most popular WordPress plugins is called Jetpack, and it helps protect your site, speed up your site, and more (one of which is the Jetpack proofreading module).

Then, when you write in the WordPress editor, it will show your mistakes in the colours red, blue, and yellow.


If you make mistakes in your sentence structure, style, or even if you translate your text into more than 40 languages, this online tool can help. There are only 350 characters in the free tool, but you can sign up for the Chrome extension app to have more fun. You can make corrections to a longer article with this app on Free Proofreading tool.

As a result, the contextual spell checker selects the most appropriate term. Even if you’re not a great writer, it will boost your productivity. The greatest things to check with this tool are irregular verbs and adverbs, unclear words, misspellings, and common grammatical rules.

  • You can ensure that your words are right by using smart grammar and spelling checks.
  • At the same time, double-check your work.
  • Third-party applications may be integrated.
  • sessions with a tutor that are specifically designed to meet your requirements
  • Control of the knowledge base’s terminology and style


In Scribens, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes in your writing because it’s free. You can check hundreds of grammar, spelling, and style mistakes without even trying. The software is said to be better than Microsoft Word because it has complex algorithms that make it work better than Word. You can set the language to British English or American English. It also lets you choose the font size of the document, so you don’t have to change it over and over again as you work.


With a customer rating of 4.7/5 on sites like Site Jabber, Writer is one of the best grammar checkers you can use online. In this case, the AI-based tool is a great copy-editing tool for everything from emails to Google Docs. There are several plugins, including HubSpot, WordPress, Twitter, Slack, and many more, that make it simple to use. This makes it distinctive.

Language tool 

Language Tool is a tool for writing that you can use instead of Grammarly. Make sure everything is correct with the help of the Language Tool. Plus, it is multilingual, so you can change content in English, German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, as well as other languages. You don’t have to pay anything to use this grammar checker tool for up to 10,000 words in a single text.

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