6 Things You Need to Know About Mobile SEO


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There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to general search engine optimization (SEO) methods. For example, a site would have to be well optimized to ensure that the company gets enough attention from the Google algorithm. Another thing to consider would be the Google My Business account, which is instrumental due to its connection to the algorithm — but requires plenty of work to ensure that SEO methods using the overall profile work as it should.

In the case of general SEO methods and how it might help businesses, however, there are few that match the importance of mixing search engine optimization with the mobile industry. While there was a time when browser-based platforms for businesses reigned as the primary source of digital marketing and Internet marketing in general, it does not change the fact that the mobile side of things has grown exponentially. Experts like those from the top SEO companies Seattle always ensure that mobile solutions are a part of their tactics. For those who are interested in learning more, here are just six essential things to know about mobile SEO.

Mobile SEO is still surprisingly untapped

First and foremost, it might seem like a strange notion that the mobile market is still untapped for SEO, but even with the saturation of online stores trying to compete for the attention of online users during the previous holiday season, there is still so much potential for growth.

There are not nearly enough online store owners taking advantage of the current trend for the mobile industry to seem saturated. As a matter of fact, 2021 is the perfect opportunity to make use of SEO methods in the mobile industry. As more and more people get used to utilizing smartphones to purchase what they need — especially with the pandemic — it is becoming more and more crucial to look into mobile search engine optimization.

Design is everything

Keep in mind that when it comes to mobile solutions and web design, the browser-based website is entirely different. There might be phones out there stronger than many computers, but it is still few and far in-between. It would be a good idea to take into account processing power, battery life, and more when building a mobile platform. There are plenty of nuances to building a proper website for the mobile platform, and it is never a bad idea to look into the work of professionals to get the job done. There are also quite a few things to learn just by visiting the mobile platforms of competitors to see what they might do.

Making use of a specialist’s mobile platform

Not everyone is capable of focusing entirely on the mobile platform for their company — especially newer businesses. In such cases, it might be best to take advantage of specialists in eCommerce such as Shopify and Amazon. They both provide opportunities to succeed without necessarily forcing a company to overextend and take too big a risk.

It also provides the opportunity to learn how an eCommerce mobile platform might work to try to attract an online audience. After all, it is never a bad idea to broaden horizons and utilize as many avenues as possible to earn.

Keep the loading times low

While keeping loading times low is crucial for browser-based SEO, it is even more important for mobile SEO solutions. That said, it might not be immediately obvious what is causing the long load times. It might be necessary to look into the resolution of various images to ensure that they are not unnecessarily too large for mobile phones. 

Keep user experience (UX) at the top of the priority list

When it comes to general SEO solutions for the mobile, much of it has to do with site optimization — and for good reason. The upcoming Google Page Experience Update serves to provide plenty of incentive for UX, as the changes made to the Google algorithm involve a greater emphasis on the user’s overall experience. While the entire extent is unknown, many companies are making a mad dash to ensure that their website can handle user experience. For the mobile platform, keep in mind that making smartphone users happy is a different story.

That said, it would be a good idea to push all future endeavors to the mobile market no matter the situation, as the Google Page Experience Update is likely to be a brand new focus on user experience over everything else. Learning how to take advantage of various trends is a big part of general SEO methods, and the use of smartphones as the primary platform is an investment to the future.

Delivering a local SEO experience with geo-targeting

As they say in the world of digital marketing — content is king! The same thing applies when it comes to SEO solutions for mobile phone users. For example, many people would still be happy to read articles and blogs from their phones, making it crucial to add local SEO to the mix. For example, smaller businesses would benefit from leveling the playing field by narrowing their target audience to a single city or location. 

The more articles relevant to the target location, the higher the potential that the Google algorithm might add it to local search. While there are undoubtedly methods of elevating a business with a national audience in mind, utilizing local SEO as smart as possible is the key. As a matter of fact, the most popular smartphone in a specific location might just be the ticket when it comes to optimizing web design with geo-targeting in mind. One of the easiest geo-targeting methods involves adding information about local events and culture in articles relevant to the products and services rendered. It might seem like a tricky thing to accomplish, but it puts the business in a much more advantageous position than company owners might realize. It is the reason why getting the help of professionals from the likes of top SEO companies Seattle, alongside learning all about the ins and outs of mobile search engine optimization, can result in a windfall of both traffic and revenue.